Should Children Be Present During Window Replacement?

New window installation is a big project that can create a lot of noise and some construction mess during the time that the installation is taking place. If you’re working with a reputable window installation expert and dealer, you can expect any mess to be cleaned up when the work is done, but it’s natural to wonder whether children should be present while your window installation is taking place.

After all, kids and power tools don’t mix! If you have children and will soon be having new windows installed in your home, here’s what you need to know about having kids at home while the work is being done.

Know What to Expect During Your Window Installation

Before your window installation can take place, you’ll start by having a consultation to discuss your upcoming project. You’ll sign an agreement and get answers to your questions like, when will the window installation take place? How long will the window installation take? and, How long will the installers be at my house each day? Answers to these questions can help you start making plans for installation day.

Your window installer will take this time to discuss things like preparations that you’ll need to make to be ready for your window installation and how the installation process occurs.

Most of the time, window installers will install one window at a time, to minimize any inconvenience to you as well as to help control the indoor temperature of your home. This makes it relatively easy for some homeowners to keep themselves – and their children – away from the installers as the work is taking place.

You’ll also learn that window installation can be very noisy! Saws, hammers and drills can make a lot of noise. No matter where you are in your house, you’ll probably hear the installation taking place. This means that if your children need to nap or are very easily disturbed by noise, for their peace of mind, you may not want them around.

Make Arrangements for Children as Necessary

Your window installer can help you decide if it’s better to keep your kids out of the house during the installation. If your children will be present, be sure to tell your installers. We assume that you will take precautions to keep your children away from a dangerous construction site, but your installers will do what they can to keep the construction zone safe, so if children are in the area, that’s important information for your installers to have.

If you don’t think that your child or children should be in the house while your installation is happening, now is the time to make arrangements for the kids to be at a friend’s or relative’s for the day. Most window installations only take one day, but if you have a lot of windows to replace or special circumstances, the project could span two or more days. In any case, your installers should clean up the site and make it safe at the end of each work day.

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