Should Solar Heat Gain Concern You?

Solar heat gain is an important term to understand before installing new energy-efficient windows in your home. Simply, it refers to the amount of the sun’s energy that is converted into heat when it passes through your windows — which, in turn, warms up the air in your home. Windows with low solar heat gain value only allow a little of this heat through, whereas windows with high solar heat gain value let in a lot.

Solar Heat Gain

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Is Solar Heat Gain Bad for You?

It depends. Solar heat gain can be either good or bad. During the colder months, solar heat gain can be comforting. Early-morning daylight can stream through your windows and warm up the cold areas in your home without needing to crank up your heating system. In the warmer months, however, the same thing can cause you to overuse your air conditioning. 

How Do You Manage Solar Heat Gain?

Generally, south-facing windows receive the most light from the sun. North-facing windows, on the other hand, get little direct sunlight. Knowing this allows you to properly plan the placement of your windows so you can take full advantage of solar heat gain. For instance, you can use windows with low solar heat gain value on the southern face of your home, whereas windows with high solar heat gain are probably best for the north side of your home.

Make the Most of Solar Heat Gain

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