Sliding / Gliding Window Benefits in New Jersey & New York

Looking for a replacement window for your New Jersey or New York home that has a narrow frame and a crystal clear view of the world outside? Have you considered Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro sliding replacement windows? If not, this week’s post will highlight a few of the many benefits of this home window style.

  • Contemporary Appearance: Sliding replacement windows – also know as gliders, or simply sliders – have a narrower frame compared to casement and double-hung windows, which means they fit well in contemporary homes with a sleek, streamlined appearance.
  • Easy Operation: People with chronic shoulder problems, such as advanced arthritis, often find it easier to open and close this style window that one you lift vertically for ventilation. Because the sashes move horizontally, people in wheelchairs also find the smooth operation a plus, especially when a window is installed a little higher on the wall. No pushing, no lifting, no stress on the body. In fact, most people can effortlessly open the window with one finger.
  • Simple to Clean: Keeping your new windows clean is almost as easy as opening and closing them. Just follow these simple steps, or watch this short video demonstration to see what to expect.

#1. Remove detachable interior grilles, and the insect screen, if present.

#2. Slide window panel(s) to the center of the window frame.

#3. Grasping the panel with one hand on each side, lift up slightly, to free the bottom of the interior frame so you can pull the panel inside.

#4. Clean both interior and exterior surfaces of the panel still on the track, then clean the panel you removed.

#5. Vacuum the tracks or remove loose debris and dust with a soft bristle brush.

#6. Replace the front panel and lock securely in place.

#7. Replace grilles.

#8. Install the insect screen and enjoy the view.

*These instructions may vary slightly depending on your configuration and whether or not you have one or two movable sash. Ask your replacement window specialist about cleaning specialty configurations.

  • Maximum Airflow: Since sliding windows allow airflow through the full height of the window unit, homeowners gain greater ventilation than either a double- or single-hung window that only partially opens.
  • Low-maintenance Design: Sliders have fewer movable parts than some replacement window styles. This may mean fewer maintenance issues and routine repairs over the life of your windows.
  • Available in Larger Sizes: Compared to traditional double-hung windows, sliding replacement windows are available in significantly wider widths. This means you can replace several narrow double-hung windows with one multi-panel sliding window unit which may save you money on the overall cost of a home renovation project that includes replacing all of your home windows.
  • Boost Energy Efficiency: Low-E glass options allow homeowners to select the best energy saving option for every room in their home based on our climate, surrounding structures, landscaping and lot orientation. And, patented Fibrex frames boost the insulating properties and performance.

As you can see, sliders are an ideal solution for every room in your home where you want an unobtrusive window that requires zero floor space. Customize your upgrades with exclusive hardware, wood interiors that allow you to use any paint or stain and both standard and custom grille patterns.

Learn More About Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Sliding Replacement Windows Benefits Today!

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