14 Ideas for Smart Home Improvements This Summer

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Smart upgrades are a great place to begin if you want to learn how to modernize your home this summer. From streamlining yardwork to lowering your monthly energy bill, investing in the latest technologies can have many advantages for you and your family. 

While there is no set-in-stone definition of a smart home, you can understand it as a house where the materials and devices aim to make the space more convenient, comfortable and manageable. 

We are sharing some simple smart home ideas that you can try this summer to enhance the way your house works. 

what are smart home improvements

What Are Smart Home Improvements?

Smart home improvements refer to upgrades and changes you make to create more efficient systems in your house. Whether you invest in new appliances, electronic devices or structures, smart updates intend to make running a household easier in one way or another. 

The main features of smart home improvements include:

  • Automation: Many smart home gadgets help you improve your daily routine with automation. Timed schedules and specialized sensors help make smart technology work for you so you can spend less time maintaining your home and more time focused on other tasks. 
  • Functionality: Whether you are upgrading your entry doors or installing new thermostats, smart home improvement projects can make your space more functional and comfortable. New home upgrades can make your place look and feel more pleasant, and they can improve the way you utilize your home’s features. 
  • Energy efficiency: When you update your space, finding ways to improve its energy efficiency is important. Better efficiency means lower energy bills and a smaller carbon footprint. Many smart improvement projects will help you transform your home into a greener and healthier environment.
  • Control: User control is an essential feature of a smart home. Various types of improvement projects will enhance your ability to manage and command how things operate in your house. Often, smart technology connects to your mobile phone, making it even easier to control and optimize your space. 

14 Smart Home Improvement Ideas

Explore the following summer home improvement ideas for upgrading your house and making it more functional:

1. Upgrade to Energy-Efficient Windows

If you are looking to improve your house this summer, consider upgrading your existing windows with more stylish and energy-efficient options. 

Replacement windows can boost your home’s curb appeal and improve security. They can also help you lower your utility bill by effectively mitigating heat loss and gain caused by air leaks. Newer windows also tend to require less maintenance to keep looking and functioning at their best. 

2. Update Your Entry Doors

Another home improvement idea is updating your entry doors. Similar to replacement windows, getting brand-new doors can make your home look its best. 

Along with more energy-efficient designs, replacement doors offer greater security and durability, so you can rest assured that your home and family are safer. New doors can also help your home combat the outdoor climate and maintain a comfortable indoor atmosphere without drafts or air leaks. 

3. Install Automatic Window Treatments

If you are looking for a simple way to make your home feel more luxurious, consider installing automatic window treatments like blinds and shades. 

Some models will allow you to set schedules for opening and closing the treatments. You can set your bedroom blinds to retract every morning, letting in the daylight and helping you wake up more naturally. You can also set timers so the window treatments cover the window in the evenings for increased privacy. 

Automatic shades and blinds allow you to streamline your day in a small, yet impactful way. 

14 smart home improvement ideas

4. Connect to a Smart Home Security System

Smart technology makes home security easier and more convenient than ever before. 

If you want to enhance surveillance of your property, you can install a doorbell and motion-detecting cameras to monitor your front door and yard. You can also set up indoor security cameras to watch over the inside of your home. 

Smart locks are another fantastic option for home security. They often connect to your mobile phone and your home’s Wi-Fi so you can easily control the lock from your device. If you’re busy in the kitchen or have an armful of groceries, you can use the app to unlock the door for greater ease and convenience. 

5. Utilize Automated Lighting

Installing automated lighting can also help enhance your home this summer. You can use these special bulbs indoors or outdoors. By creating lighting schedules, you can have your home brighten and dim at the perfect times throughout the day to save energy and keep your space illuminated. 

Some people use smart light bulb schedules to indicate when it is time to wind down for the day. When the lights dim, they start their nightly routine and get ready for bed. 

Another perk of automated lighting is being able to control the lights from your phone or while using a voice assistant like Alexa. Many models will allow you to change settings associated with color, shade and dimness.

6. Invest in Smart Speakers

Smart speakers can do much more for your household than play music via a Bluetooth connection. They can help with many daily tasks and inquiries. For example, some smart speakers can tell you the weather forecast and keep a grocery list for you. 

Some models allow you to ask simple questions. For instance, if you need a quick refresher on a measurement conversion for a recipe you are cooking, you can ask the speaker. 

Smart speakers can operate like personal assistants that help you manage your schedules and other smart appliances.

7. Upgrade Your Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A very small, but useful home improvement project to complete this summer is to upgrade all of your antiquated smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Doing so will help you monitor dangerous levels of smoke or carbon monoxide in your home so you can keep your family safer. 

Smart detectors can connect to your mobile phone and other smart technology to alert you promptly when there is a problem in your home. Unlike traditional options, smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can alert you, even while you are away. If you are at work or running errands when you receive an alert, you could call 911 and potentially save your home from disaster. 

8. Update Your Outlets With Smart Plugs

A smart plug goes directly into your house’s regular power outlets. They are an affordable and straightforward way to make your appliances and electronics more convenient. For example, you can plug a lamp into your smart plug and connect it to your smart speaker so you can use voice commands to turn the bulb on and off. The control options are endless.

Even if you do not have a compatible smart speaker, many smart plugs allow you to control the outlet from an app on your mobile phone. They take up very little space and ultimately boost your home’s overall automation. 

9. Try a Smart Faucet

If you are interested in more ways to make your daily activities easier, consider investing in a smart faucet. Some of them operate through voice commands or by waving your hand over a sensor. They make running the water convenient when you have dirty hands or are juggling a full armload. 

Keeping our homes clean and sanitary is more important than ever. A smart faucet allows you to touch fewer surfaces and can even save water. Some high-tech models can dispense water by a specific measurement, making it incredibly easy to get exactly what you need.

10. Let a Robot Vacuum Do the Work for You

If you are looking to save more time and energy, consider looking for smart home technology that can do your daily and weekly chores for you. A robot vacuum cleaner is an awesome investment, especially if you have pets or kids. 

Smart vacuums use intelligent navigation systems and sensors to effectively clean your floors. They often have low profiles and can access hard-to-reach areas like under the couch. Many options map out your house’s layout as they clean so they don’t miss an inch of your floors. 

11. Invest in a Smart Lawnmower

Smart home improvements can extend to your outdoor space too. If you have a pretty simple and flat yard, consider investing in a smart lawnmower to take care of your grass-cutting needs this summer. 

They work similarly to robot vacuums. You will need to set up boundary wires to specify what areas the machine can access. They use a mapping system to ensure they cover the entire space. The results are a perfectly mowed lawn, without any time or energy from you.

Smart lawnmowers are wireless and will return to their charging dock when their battery gets low. 

12. Install a Smart Thermostat

If you are looking for a smart home improvement that will be energy-efficient and save you money, then installing smart thermostats in your house might be the perfect update. They work with a sensor to measure your space’s ambient temperature and make temperature control changes according to the schedule you set. 

Smart thermostats connect to your home Wi-Fi and typically work with your mobile phone or other smart devices. Controlling how your space feels is easier than ever. You can create specific schedules for lowering or raising the temperature to suit your family and save energy when no one is home. 

13. Swap to a Smart Shower Head 

Upgrading to smart shower heads is an easy home improvement project that will make your daily showering experience more luxurious and personalized.

Smart shower heads give you more control over the water pressure and temperature while you are bathing. Some models also have a built-in Bluetooth speaker for listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks. 

14. Upgrade to a Smart Sprinkler System

Our final smart home improvement idea is upgrading to a smart sprinkler system. If you want to keep your lawn looking its best without wasting water or experiencing skyrocketing water bills, consider investing in a system that works with schedules and sensors to monitor your yard.

You can set your smart sprinkler system to operate in accordance with your local rules and during times when your pets or kids are not in the yard for even more convenience. 

benefits of smart home improvement projects

Benefits of Smart Home Improvements

Integrating new technologies and doing smart home improvement projects can be highly beneficial for you and your household. 

Explore the following advantages of upgrading your space this summer: 

Increase Your Home’s Value

In addition to making your house more convenient and luxurious, smart home upgrades can actually boost your home’s resale value. 

For example, investing in replacement entry doors can reap a 63.8% return on investment, according to Remodeling Magazine’s 2022 Cost vs. Value Report. If you were to put your house on the market, you could boost its value solely because of those new, more energy-efficient doors. 

Integrating other new smart home features, such as automated sprinklers or smart locks, can also add to your home’s market value. When putting your home up for sale, you can emphasize its energy efficiency and smart functionality as a premier selling point. 

Save Energy and Utility Costs

Updating your space with smart home improvement projects is an effective way to take control of your energy usage. When you have the tools to manage and monitor your energy consumption, you can make better decisions and cut back on wasted electricity and money. 

Some of the best technologies for saving energy include:

  • Smart thermostats.
  • Smart LED light bulbs.
  • Smart outlets.

These gadgets operate on schedules and use high-tech sensors to optimize energy usage. 

Likewise, investing in the right energy-efficient upgrades, like new windows or entry doors, can help minimize pesky heat loss or gain that can cause energy bills to skyrocket.

Enjoy More Convenience and Control

Another major benefit of making smart home improvements this summer is enjoying more convenience and control over your household and its systems. 

You can monitor and command many smart home devices from your mobile phone, making it quick and easy to manage your space. If they operate on the same Wi-Fi network, you can easily access controls for everything from your security cameras to your robot vacuum on your phone. 

When you make upgrades to enhance your space, you can also enjoy more peace of mind. For example, by installing a smart thermostat and replacement windows, you can rest easy knowing your space is more energy-efficient. The same is true for investing in smart security solutions. They can help you take control of your property and stay safer.

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