Solar Heat Gain: Should It Concern You?

Installing energy-efficient windows is among the best ways to boost your home’s comfort and reduce utility costs. Energy-efficient windows will allow sunshine into your living space without causing discomfort or damage from harmful ultraviolet rays. One term you might encounter when selecting your new windows is solar heat gain.  

Solar Heat Gain: Should It Concern You?

Read on to discover if solar heat gain should concern you. 

What Is Solar Heat Gain?

Solar heat gain pertains to how much solar energy is converted into heat when it penetrates your windows. Sunlight that hits your windows could either ricochet or enter your home. The sunlight that passes through windows heats up the objects in your living space. As a result, your indoor space becomes warmer. The higher the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), the more heat can pass through your windows.  

Should It Worry You?

Your location is an essential thing to consider when choosing windows. If you live in a colder climate, invest in windows and doors with a higher SHGC. They will help keep your spaces warm, especially during winter. With the sun’s warmth, your HVAC system won’t need to work hard to reach your desired temperature. The reduced energy consumption will result in lower utility bills. Meanwhile, homeowners living in warmer climates will benefit from windows with low SHGC.

Solar heat gain shouldn’t compromise your comfort as long as you plan your window placement carefully. North-facing areas usually only receive a little sunlight, meaning you can use windows with a higher SHGC rating. However, in southern parts of your home, consider windows with a lower SHGC because these areas get a lot of direct sunlight.

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