Home Improvement Projects for the Spring

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As the weather warms up and you head outside after winter, you may be looking for ways to upgrade and freshen up your home. From the interior to the exterior, there’s plenty of potential around this time of year.

Home Projects for Spring

With warmer weather and longer days, spring is the perfect time to start working on those home upgrades you’ve been thinking about all winter. Whether you’re looking for simple garden tips or want to go all out and replace your sliding patio doors, here are some ideas for spring home upgrades:

Prepare Your Lawn and Garden

If you’re spring cleaning your house or garage, remember to clean up and prepare your lawn and garden for the growing season. Winter can be harsh on your yard, so springtime is your chance to clear out dead leaves, branches and other debris. This is also a great time to start planting seasonal flowers and produce.

Add a Deck or Patio

If you’ve been wanting a new deck or patio, spring is the perfect time to get started so your outdoor area is ready to enjoy during the summer. If you have an existing deck or patio, take time to clean it up and repaint or stain it to give it a fresh look.

Clean Your Windows

The insides and outsides of your windows can collect a lot of dirt and debris over time. Spring is a great time to open up the windows, let your house air out and wipe everything down with soapy water and a soft cloth. For the glass, a squeegee works best. Make sure to avoid strong or abrasive cleaning solutions.

Power-Wash Your Siding

If your siding looks dirty or dingy, power-washing it could be the perfect way to refresh and brighten it. A power-washer can provide a deep clean and will be more effective on materials like brick or stone. If you have vinyl or metal siding, a garden hose may be effective enough to wash away dirt.

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Replace Your Front Door

Whether your existing door has leaked cold air all winter or you simply want a new color or style, replacing your front door can make a big difference. This spring home upgrade can improve your home’s curb appeal and increase energy efficiency.

Install a French or Patio Door

These doors “extend” your home’s living space and provide easy access to your garden or patio. They can also help boost the aesthetic of your home’s interior, letting in ample natural light. If you’re replacing an existing patio door, you can choose from various styles like charming French doors or basic sliding glass doors.

Replace Old or Faulty Windows

Like your doors, windows can make a significant difference in energy efficiency. If your windows are old or faulty, they’re likely letting air in and out, making it more difficult to heat and cool your home. Window replacements offer numerous functional and aesthetic benefits as you prepare your house for spring and summer.

trust RBA to replace yur windows and doors

Trust Renewal by Andersen® to Replace Your Windows and Doors This Spring

Home remodeling for spring can be as simple as replacing your windows and doors with Renewal by Andersen. With an inventory full of various styles of windows and doors and years of industry experience, we’re confident we can handle this project for you and help improve your home for spring.

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