The Benefits of Maximizing Daylight With Replacement Windows

The Benefits of Maximizing Daylight With Replacement Windows

The Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute’s 2003 study posited that daylighting goes hand-in-hand with the biophilia hypothesis, or the idea that humans have an innate need to be in contact with nature. With several other studies pointing to a similar conclusion, daylighting may just be as essential as food and water to humans. Fortunately, daylighting can be easily achieved with the right kind of windows.

The Benefits of Maximizing Daylight With Replacement Windows

The Basics of Daylighting

Daylighting maximizes the amount of natural light into your living space, achieved through a combination of optimized window styles and strategic reflective surfaces. Using daylighting, indoor areas normally lit through electrical means instead receive illumination from natural means.

The Benefits of Daylighting

There are several benefits to living in a daylit home. Improved aesthetics is an immediate benefit; a well-lit interior looks bigger and more inviting, creating a more conducive environment for work or play. Certain window styles like picture windows provide both a view and ample natural lighting. And, with reduced electrical indoor lighting requirements, it also reduces utility bills.

Health benefits are a less-known yet important benefit of daylighting. Several studies cite the correlation between increased productivity, comfort, and the stimulation that helps regulate human body clocks. Consistent exposure to natural day-and-night cycles promotes healthy amounts of sleep, reducing stress levels and sickness, which circles back to the biophilia hypothesis.

Daylighting Strategies

Daylighting is simple in theory: choose the window style that provides the most amount of natural light. More importantly, consider the orientation; windows that face east-to-west receive the most amount of sunlight. If a certain room needs more light, choose window styles with large glass areas (such as casement windows or bay and bow windows) and install them in this orientation. Don’t worry about heating up your indoors from solar heat. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass options filter harmful UV rays and solar heat while allowing as much natural light as clear glass.

For areas that need natural light yet couldn’t be reached by direct sunlight, you can install white fences or stonework across the windows. This reflects sunlight without causing harsh reflections, further maximizing natural light.

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