The Best Window Styles for the Kitchen

Different window styles have their own distinct features and advantages. There are also specific window styles that are suitable for certain areas in your home, such as your kitchen. Learn which options would work well in your space.

Window Styles for the Kitchen

Continue reading as Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey lists the best window styles for kitchens.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are best installed in the areas above your sink and counters. They’re easy to operate and maintain. They also provide your kitchen with a good amount of natural lighting and ventilation. Sliding windows don’t require too much effort to open and close, so they’re easy to use even if your hands are wet or if you don’t have a strong grip. Another benefit of having these windows installed in your kitchen is that you can control how wide you open them, making it easier to let fumes out and introduce fresh air inside.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-hung windows are always a safe choice because they are reliable and versatile. That’s why they are a popular window style in many homes. Double-hung windows can easily be customized and oriented to your preferences. Like sliding windows, they provide good ventilation and lighting while being easily operable. Another great feature to keep in mind is that double-hung windows typically have safety latches, so they’re ideal if you have young children.

Garden Windows

If you have adequate space for it, a garden window is a rather unique choice that could fit in your kitchen. It extends beyond the exterior of your home and has glass on every side, giving you plenty of natural lighting to keep your kitchen illuminated and vibrant. You can also have potted herbs and plants placed in this window, where they will get plenty of sunlight.

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