The Problem of Window Drafts in Midwest Homes

Drafts are a common problem in many households, and faulty windows are mostly to blame for these unwarranted breezes. As a local home window replacement contractor, we recommend having them fixed as soon as possible. The colder months are fast approaching, and this issue can affect your indoor comfort and your energy bills.

Why Do Windows Get Drafty?

Aging is one of the primary culprits as to why windows get drafty. Your windows may still look fine today, but years down the road, the glazing putty that holds the frame and the glass together may become brittle and come loose. Continuous wear can cause the sashes of wood windows to shrink, creating gaps that let cold air inside.

Moreover, this issue is not just limited to windows. Fixtures flushed to the home’s openings, such as entry and patio doors, can let outdoor air in through the small gaps. This problem can have energy-wasting effects. As heat from inside your home escapes, you rely on heating equipment more to maintain indoor comfort. Without getting, for example, replacement casement windows, expect your monthly utility bills to skyrocket.

Ways to Fix Drafty Windows

Quick fixes can be done to get you through to spring when more permanent solutions are easier to implement. For instance, you can use rope caulk, which is soft, sticky stuff that can be shaped to cover the gaps. By the end of winter, you can simply remove it. A shrink film also works: cover the gaps with it, and then heat with a hairdryer to seal off drafts.

Of course, pursuing window replacement is a better long-term solution for drafts. This would make sense if your existing windows are already past their service life. To ensure a smooth, hassle-free replacement, turn to the pros from Renewal by Andersen® Midwest. Expect your custom, energy-efficient windows are installed by our team of professional installers.

We offer top-notch products, from double hung replacement windows to sliding patio doors. Call us today at (866) 997-8537 to get started, or fill out our contact form to schedule a consultation.

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