The Replacement Window Buying Journey

Part I: Getting Started

There’s only one house exactly like your Long Island home. Other houses may have similar architectural characteristics and features, but the truth is, after decades of helping area homeowners update their homes with replacement windows and patio doors, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is more convinced than ever, no two homes are exactly alike. We’re also convinced that customized home improvement products are the best way to enhance energy the efficiency and beauty of your home.

How Do You Prepare for Replacement Window Installation Day?

Here are three steps you should take before installation day.

#1. Do Your Research

For most people, preparation starts with some self-guided research before they make direct contact with a replacement window brand. Research may include:

  • Downloading brochures to learn more about the different window dealers offerings
  • Asking friends and relatives for recommendations
  • Get an up-close look at available home improvement products by visiting a showroom
  • Reading online reviews and forum posts
  • Experimenting with 3D Visualizer Apps that let you see what different styles and shapes will look like in your home

Many Suffolk County and Nassau County residents have a list of reasons why they’ve decided to make the investment in replacement windows, and have a general idea of which basic styles and accessories will help them reach their goals before they make contact with a replacement window dealer. Others may need a little more guidance and education to help them decide which styles and accessories are best for their home.

#2. Make Contact

Whether you are in the first group, or the second, you’ll want to schedule an in-home consultation at least four to six weeks before you want the installation process completed. Delivery times vary based on how many area jobs are already in queue, and the volume of orders in our factory already in process when you place your order. Talk to your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island representative if you have a special circumstances that may impact installation schedules.

Before you make that call, talk to property co-owners. It is necessary for both spouses (if a couple owns the home) be present during the in-home consultation. Why? Because personal visions don’t always align perfectly, and it is wise to get input from all owners. Also, there are legal and financial considerations – shared ownership means shared commitment and responsibility. It’s a respect thing. When you have a few possible dates and times nailed down – make the call to schedule a meeting.

#3. Design Your New Windows

Our professional design consultant will listens to your goals and create a plan to bring your vision to life. During the in-home consultation, a technician will take precise measurements of each home window and/or patio door you plan to replace.

Before finalizing the order homeowners have an opportunity to look at samples, choose replacement window or patio door styles, colors, hardware and accessories for each new window or door and ask any questions. Once you’re satisfied with your decisions, your representative creates a manufacturing order and sends that to our expert craftsmen at the factory. They will then get started building your custom, high-performance, ENERGY STAR certified windows specifically for your unique home.

That covers the first steps on the replacement window journey. Next week, we’ll expand on the design phase, before moving on to what to do between placing your order and installation day.

Part II: Design

Because every successful replacement window journey starts with exceptional design, this Renewal by Andersen of Long Island post discusses the keys to make that process a success. At least four weeks before your anticipated installation date, you’ll meet with a Long Island replacement window specialists in your home to discuss your needs and desires in your new windows.

Here’s what to expect during that consultation.

Whether your goal is to reduce heating and cooling bills, or get your home ready for re-sale, designing each window for its intended purpose and location is essential for success. Our goal is to help you choose the right style, glass and accessories to bring your vision to life.

Design elements ensure your home is beautiful, fully-functional, energy-efficient and equipped with custom-built windows that will perform perfectly for decades.

Choose Your Window Frame Colors

We recommend our Fibrex frames for strength, durability and beauty. Of course, these are the only replacement window frames we offer because our patented composite window frame is strong, durable and low-maintenance. You’ll never have to resurface any window component because your chosen color is integrated at the factory and doesn’t fade, chip, flake or peel. With more than four dozen color combinations, there is a color, or combination of colors, perfect for your home and your style.

Choose Window Styles for Your Family

Finding the best-fit replacement window style, or styles, for you isn’t hard, you just need to think about how you use each room, and choose a style that complements the daily activities that will take place there. With a wide selection of hinged windows, sliders, and specialty shapes to choose from, you can explore options that enhance your family’s safety and security, expand your viewing area and create stunning focal points.

Of course, if your primary goal is to boost energy-efficiency and you love the way your home looks now, you can select the same style as your existing windows. People who want a more interesting curb appeal, or who find their current styles just don’t look right or aren’t functioning the way they like can enjoy the flexibility to replace one style with another. You can replace a large picture window with a beautiful bay, or install awning windows in the basement where they currently have small sliders. Your window design consultant will help you consider all the pros and cons of each window style.

Choose Window Glass That Works for You 24/7

After selecting the frame colors and window styles for each room, you’ll decide which glass solutions are best for your home. Glass choices are very important. Good replacement windows always have low-E glazing, but there are some other considerations too. Glass selection helps you take advantage of winter solar heat while reducing glare, protecting your indoor furnishings and so much more.

Talk to your replacement window representative about how you use each room to learn more about each specific glass type offered.

Choose Window Accessories & Embellishments

Superior frames and high-performance glass ensure your replacement window project improves your family’s comfort, energy-efficiency and safety in your home. Accessories and embellishments add visual interest and all the fine details that tie your interior and exterior decorating schemes together.

This part of the design process is where you’ll decide if brushed nickel, polished brass, or one of our other hardware finishes will look better in your home. You’ll also have the option to approve the free standard insect that comes with every operable window or upgrade to TruScene which blocks virtually all insects as well as most pollen and other airborne allergens. And, this is when most homeowners decide if they want window grilles – and, if so, which style or pattern they prefer.

Part III: Landscaping

It’s important to consider the landscaping outside your windows when planning your replacement window project, and it’s never too soon to start making plans.

Welcome back to the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Buying Journey series. Last wee, we talked about designing your new windows and how to maximize comfort and energy efficiency. This week, we’ll discuss your landscaping.

Three Weeks Before Replacement Window Installation Day . . .

It’s time to take a look at ways your replacement window choices may impact landscaping and outdoor living spaces, or vice versa: how your new windows will be impacted by your landscaping and outdoor living spaces.

Upgrading Without Making Major Stylistic Changes

People who decide to replace existing windows with the exact style, shape and size, don’t have to update plants, flowers and shrubs near their homes – unless they’re looking for ways to brighten the curb appeal or add some visual texture to entrances and garden areas as part of the renovation project.

However, if there are irreplaceable plants in proximity to windows destined for replacement, it is best to consider how work in the area may affect them. We do our best to protect everything, inside and out, from damage during the window installation process, but, an heirloom rose bush lovingly cared for over the years positioned near a picture window or slider where we have to work may need to be temporarily moved, or otherwise protected from construction debris.

At the very least, homeowners should talk to their replacement window representative about steps they can take to protect their special plants, and ensure workers are aware of their locations.

Tip: Consult with a master gardener or area nursery if you have any questions about the proper way to care for your plants during the installation process.

Installing New Replacement Window Styles and Configurations

People who decide to replace fixed windows with operable styles that open out – specifically casement and awning windows – should be thinking about how those choices impact outdoor landscaping during the weeks leading up to installation day.

One of the major benefits of installing casement windows is being able to open the fixture fully to direct natural breezes into the interior spaces of your home. Shrubs and tall flowering plants directly beneath or in front of windows can limit how far a crank-out window style opens.

On the other hand, people who replace a crank-out window with a slider or double-hung option that does not interfere with traffic patterns or outdoor plants, may be interested in adding window boxes or taller plant varieties to their flower beds.

At the time this article was written, it was cold; spring was still weeks in the future, however, it’s never too early to start planning. As you think about updating your landscape, be sure to consider growth patterns, seasonal changes and aesthetics.

Whether you decide to leave your plants in place, add new varieties or reseed certain areas, do your research. On the !nternet, you can find suggestions for every window style by typing “best replacement windows overlooking the garden,” or “best window box styles for replacement windows,” or something similar.

Tip: Homeowners may also want to visit their local nursery, check out online seed and plant catalog companies, get recommendations from friends, or consult landscaping professionals for advice.

Landscaping Complements Replacement Window Styles and Vice Versa

Imagining how your home will look throughout the seasons, can help you make wise landscaping decisions. Taking the time to create a plan ensures you think about whether you want to attract birds and butterflies to an area beyond a large picture window, create a colorful display beneath front-facing double-hung windows, or something entirely different, ensuring your home will look aesthetically pleasing and be fully-functional.

Part IV: Window Treatments

Welcome back to our five part series on the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Buying Journey. Last week we talked about landscaping considerations you may want to address as you prepare to install your home’s new windows. This week, we’ll discuss the difference the right window treatments can make in your home.

For people who love their current interior decorating scheme, updating window treatments may not even be on the radar as they plan their new window purchase. But, if you’ve decided to replace a large picture window with a series of operable windows, or even convert that expansive view to a beautiful bay or bow with a window seat, new window dressing may be in order. In fact, you may want to update your window treatments to show off your new windows (rather than to hide the old ones you’re replacing).

There are so many styles, colors, fabrics and design choices available today, it may take more than a week to make a final decision, but at least this is a great time to start your research.

3 Ways to Avoid Common Replacement Window Treatment Mistakes

While the final window dressing choice usually comes down to two things – personal preferences and functionality – there are some common mistakes many people make when choosing new window treatments. Here are a few ways to avoid those errors.

#1. Think About the Exterior View

You may love Roman shades, and who doesn’t? They are very versatile and fit nicely into almost any interior decorating scheme, but remember to think about the fabric facing the street. Neutral-colored backing is typically less noticeable and complements your home’s exterior color scheme better than a bold print or dark colors.

Another common mistake is installing shutters that aren’t the proper width for the window size or style. Remember shutters should look like they can be closed against inclement weather, even if they are permanently fixed in an open arrangement. Too skinny and they look like an afterthought, too wide and they dominate the space.

#2. Consider the Window Style

Every window style – double-hung, casement, bay – has unique features, and each one deserves window treatments designed to complement the window’s appearance and functionality. For example, dressing recessed windows and those installed in corners are often trickier for many homeowners. Choosing styles, fabrics and colors is easier when you carefully consider how a room is used. There are some curtains better suited to for humid areas, think bathrooms and kitchens, while other window treatments are more functional in nurseries or family rooms. Choose:

  • Cordless blinds and draperies for nurseries and children’s playrooms.
  • Machine washable fabrics for kitchens and baths.
  • Non-fade solutions for windows that get direct sunlight during the brightest part of the day.
  • Layered window treatments that make it easier to adjust light levels and control glare in home offices and television viewing areas, where you want the option to reduce light without totally blocking it.

#3. Consult Your Warranty

You can download a PDF version, ask your replacement window consultant for an advance copy, or read a Renewal by Andersen Warranty recap here. This is especially important if you plan to enlist the help of a professional interior decorator because some mounting techniques may negatively impact your coverage.

Part 5: Prepare for Installation

This fifth and final installment of the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Buying Journey series covers things you should do the week before your replacement window installation day.

Several weeks ago, you designed and ordered your new windows. By now, you should have a good idea about the landscaping and window dressing updates that will make your property more attractive and functional. As the big day approaches, there are just a few more details to work out before the crew arrives.

3 Things to Finalize Before the Replacement Window Crew Arrives

On installation day, the crew supervisor will give you time to ask any questions you have before they begin work, and will keep you in the loop throughout the day as the project progresses. Here are some things you can do to help make sure the day is stress-free for you and your family.

#1. If you have pets, especially pets that are nervous around strangers, consider how you will keep them safe and secure while the crew works from room to room. A family or friend’s house they know is probably the best option. Some four-legged family members are accustomed to spending time in a kennel, so that is another option. Others may be more relaxed spending the day at your neighborhood boarder or vet’s office. You know your pet better than anyone, so your decision is probably best, but keep in mind that reducing the stress on your pet is best for them and the efficient installation of your new windows.

#2. Confirm your availability. It isn’t necessary for a homeowner to be at home during the entire job, although some people prefer to be on-property. Let your replacement window specialist know if you plan to be out of town, or away from the property, before the big day arrives. And, please provide a good contact number just in case an emergency comes up, and we need to reschedule the installation day. If work or other obligations come up unexpectedly, and you need to reschedule, just call us as soon as possible to arrange an alternative date.

#3. Our experienced technicians are experts and work diligently to keep construction noise and debris at a minimum. Over the years, we’ve fine-tuned the processes to be almost effortless for our customers. However, here are a couple things some people may not think about without a gentle reminder.

  • Store irreplaceable artwork and expensive decorative items out of the way so there is no possibility they could be damaged by airborne debris and dust while the existing windows are removed.
  • Think about how the installation process will impact young children, the elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • Will noise disrupt daytime sleep or rest patterns?
  • Do you have a plan to prevent toddlers from entering work areas?

These tips may bring other special circumstances to mind, and we want to help you prepare. You know what they say, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Usually these potential problems have very simple solutions. For example, the trick for keeping nap-time on schedule could mean working in the nursery first (or last) to accommodate normal patterns. Your pets and your precious items may find a safe, temporary spot in the first room completed with a door we can securely close.

Ask Your Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Specialist Any Question

The key to a stress-free window installation day is open communication with your replacement window installation crew. Have more questions? Just fill in the short form on this page or call (866) 609-5033.

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