Top 4 Items to Compare in Long Island Replacement Windows

If you stopped by the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island blog today, you are probably looking for honest information about replacement windows and patio doors. There are dozens of articles on the internet today about boosting energy-efficiency in your home with modern windows – some are very good and some are not so great. We hope this post will give you some suggestions you can use to make good decisions about investing in high-quality replacement windows that will add value, beauty and comfort to your surroundings.

Here are four things to remember when comparing replacement windows and patio doors for your home.

#1: Spending More Doesn’t Always Guarantee a Better Replacement Window

There isn’t always a direct correlation between price and energy-efficiency performance. And, high prices don’t necessarily equate to a healthy return on investment. For example, triple pane glass replacement windows provide an added layer of protection from the elements, but they also cost significantly more than double-pane options. In our climate, the additional costs aren’t easily recovered because we rarely experience prolonged periods of sub-zero weather and harsh blizzard conditions. Instead, look for insulated, doubled paned, low-E glass and superior frames, such as Fibrex composite frames, that are durable and won’t fade, rot or develop mildew in the humid Long Island weather. Make sure the window unit has exceptional weather stripping and between-the-glass gas fill – both critical to blocking air and moisture leaks.

Here’s a tip: Casement replacement windows offer the highest energy-efficiency compared to other operable styles like double-hung and sliding windows.

#2: Different Climates Demand Different Glass

While it is important not to overspend, you also want to invest in windows designed for the local climate. Look for glass with a low U-factor rating. Industry standards recommend a U-factor rating of 0.30 or less for Suffolk County and the surrounding area and an SHGC maximum of 0.40. Not familiar with energy-efficiency ratings? Learn more from the experts at Not every window in every room needs the same glass type, though. Lot orientation, surrounding structures and landscaping also influence how much direct sunlight hits your glass, which can enhance or limit heat transfer. Learn more about how glass choices affect performance and savings on heating and air conditioning by talking to your replacement window consultant.

#3: Features & Upgrades Add to the Bottom Dollar

While price shouldn’t be the determining factor when buying replacement windows, there are some features that will add to the price. Choosing standard hardware and insect screens is a bit less expensive if you are working on a tight budget. And, designing your own grille patterns usually cost more than clear panes. However, one of the advantages of ordering custom-crafted windows for your home is the ability to design replacement windows that perfectly complement your architecture and beautify your spaces. So, patterned glass options that increase privacy and add some visual interest cost slightly more than clear glass, but add a beautiful, decorative touch above the entry or in bathrooms on the lowest floor.

Tip: Choose features wisely – look for replacement window styles that are easy to operate, explore both standard and exclusive hardware and handles, and consider insect screens (like TruScene) that block both airborne pollen and debris and irritating insects trying to find their way in.

#4: The Last Step is Perhaps The Most Important

You can choose insulated frames, the best glass option for our region and carefully selected accessories that fit your lifestyle and match your architecture, but if the installation isn’t perfect, your replacement windows will not perform as expected. Paying more won’t guarantee energy efficiency and durability if you hire an inexperienced contractor to do the installation. At Renewal by Andersen of Long Island we only allow experienced crews specifically trained to install Renewal by Andersen replacement windows and patio doors, and we guarantee the installation process completely – parts and labor. No hassles, no worries for homeowners.

Have More Questions? Ask the Renewal by Andersen of Long Island Replacement Window Team for Answers.

Whether you want to add a beautiful bay window constructed with double-hung windows and fixed panels, or you are looking for casement windows for the kitchen and a colorful patterned glass transom above the entrance, we have solutions to beautify your home and enhance energy-efficiency. If you still aren’t sure which replacement windows you should buy for your Long Island home, we can help. Simply fill in the short form on this page to request more information or give us a call at (866) 609-5033 to schedule a private consultation.


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