Transforming a Room Into a Room With a View

Is the view outside of your Dayton home breathtaking? Perhaps you can look off into a forest or through a field that seems to stretch on forever and ever. If you are not able to enjoy the beauty of this landscape through the windows of your home, then perhaps it is time to invest in some replacement windows. A large picture window or bay window, positioned carefully on the right wall, can bring the outdoor beauty indoors and transform your room into a room with a view.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are large, fixed windows that take up the majority of the wall. You can stand in the window and enjoy a floor-to-ceiling view of the landscape outside. Even when you’re on the opposite end of the room, the beauty of the outdoors will feel like it’s part of your space.

People often think of picture windows as being one solid glass panel. But while this design is a common one, you do have other options. Many homeowners opt to give their picture windows character by dividing them into segments with grilles. For instance, a grille that divides your picture window into three side-by-side panels adds interest without detracting from the view of the outdoors. You could also use some specialty shaped windows to give your picture window some character. For instance, a series of half-circle windows placed over top of the main picture window, or even some awning windows placed above it for ventilation, look charming.

Bow Windows

For an even more dramatic view of the outdoors, consider having a bow window installed. A bow window consists of four or five side-by-side windows, which typically stretch nearly from the floor to the ceiling. They protrude from the home at an angle or arch, adding drama not only to the inside of the home, but also to the exterior. If the view from your Dayton home features beauty in many directions, then a bow window is a good choice since the angle of the windows allows you to glance out in multiple directions.

Bow windows are typically comprised of either casement or double-hung windows. So unlike picture windows, they can open for ventilation. All four or five windows are usually identical. You can fit them all with grilles for character, or leave them plain to fully embrace the view.

Additional Tips

Keep in mind that you can have either bow or picture replacement windows installed even if you don’t have either in your room right now. A window replacement technician can extend one of your current window openings to accommodate these larger window types. They may even join two smaller window openings together to accommodate your replacement windows.

When incorporating the view into your interior design as a decorative element, make sure you also make some changes in your decor to echo the view. For example, you could add some green accents to your decor to reflect the greenery in the trees outside, or you could opt for green window sashes for a more unified look.

Your windows can bring both light and a good view into your Dayton home. To learn more about your replacement window options, schedule a free, in-home consultation with Renewal by Andersen. We’ll discuss the view outside of your home and how to best capture it with your new windows.

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