How to Utilize Natural Light Coming From Your Windows

how to utilize natural light from your windows

One of the best ways to improve your home’s ambiance is learning how to utilize natural light coming from your windows. Windows flood your area with natural light and offer magnificent outside views. You might wonder how to use natural light in your house. Luckily, you have lots of options!

Here are 10 natural light home ideas that show you what to do with your bay window. Feel free to combine more than one and experiment with which ideas best suit your needs, your home and the amount of natural light you have. 

1. Create a Breakfast Nook 

What better way to start your mornings than with breakfast while enjoying some natural morning sunshine? A breakfast nook is perfect for utilizing natural light from your windows. Natural light increases your alertness and can signal your body to wake up. To create a breakfast nook, install a bench or place a small dining table and chairs near the window. You’ll have a bright and inviting area to sip your morning coffee. 

Consider the size of your table, chairs and any decor you choose to place on the table. You want as much light as possible in your home without the furniture blocking it. That said, you can still decorate your table with small trinkets, plants, extra napkins or salt and pepper shakers. 

2. Make a Reading Alcove 

If your natural light comes from a bay window, you have an excellent opportunity to create a private reading alcove — the perfect location to snuggle up with a good book. If your bay window is big enough to sit in, get a nice bespoke cushion and a bunch of throw pillows. If not, add a decent throw to the seating area in front of the bay window to complement your selected seating option. 

3. Create a Haven for Houseplants

If you love plants, we recommend using your windows to create a haven for your houseplants. Give your plants the benefits of natural sunlight to help them grow stronger, greener and denser. Just be sure to choose the right plant for your available light. Consider placing a console table in front of the window for smaller plants or around the window with huge pots. Your plant babies will love the increased light in any case.

4. Make a Cozy Workspace 

No designated home office? No worries. Windows provide lots of light, making them an ideal location to base a study or work area around. A tiny workstation near the window is a fantastic home office choice if you work from home. Besides making your workspace more bright and welcoming, natural light can also bring other benefits. Natural light can increase your productivity levels due to its effect on concentration, focus and alertness. Working in light, open environments may allow you to get more done than working in darker spaces.

5. Create a Conversation Area 

add accent chairs and a table

Looking for a relaxing space, perfect for coffee and conversations? Create a nice seating space next to your window. Add or move a couple of accent chairs and a little side table to create a comfortable and beautiful conversation area. The natural light and view from your window can create a lovely nook for chatting with visitors, drinking coffee or reading morning newspapers. Give the area a warm ambiance at night by installing overhead lighting or plugging in a floor lamp on one side.

6. Design a Hobby Corner 

If you don’t have enough space to create a craft or hobby room, consider designing a small hobby corner at your window. Exposure to natural light can increase creativity levels. Furthermore, natural surroundings allow our thoughts to briefly disconnect from daily activities, allowing us to daydream and gain a “spark of inspiration.” When viewpoints are flexible and diverse, more creative and unique ideas become a reality. 

To design your hobby corner, place a small desk or table near the window to provide room for drawing, sewing, crafts and other activities. Choose a table with built-in cupboards, drawers or shelves to organize materials.

7. Install a Shelf 

Some windows have spacious, built-in sills for storage and decoration, but if yours doesn’t, you still have alternatives. Install a simple, floating shelf at a windowsill level to provide room for plants, a vase of flowers or other decorative items. Installing shelves can help declutter your home and be a great centerpiece to highlight the amount of natural light from your windows. 

8. Set up a Storage Bench 

Those needing more storage space understand how much practical components, such as storage benches, can bring to a space. Add a cushioned bench with built-in storage to best utilize the space you have in front of your window. Throw in a blanket, extra cushions and even a side table to display decor and hold beverages. 

9. Hang a Hammock

An unconventional yet fun way to utilize the natural lighting from your windows is to hang a hammock next to them. Imagine relaxing, swinging and enjoying a great view of the outdoors while feeling the sunshine on your skin. Take it on as a DIY project or hire a professional to install an indoor hammock safely. 

10. Accentuate Natural Lighting

We have a few effective methods to show you how to utilize natural light in your house, so you may enjoy the benefits of the aesthetics of your home: 

  • Decorate with lighter colors: Using light colors on your walls and hard and soft furniture is one of the simplest methods to accentuate natural lighting. With lighter colors in your house, light from windows will reflect across the room more efficiently rather than being absorbed by heavier layers of paint and upholstery.
  • Use mirrors: The tactile use of mirrors can help enhance the natural light in your house. To boost the amount of sunshine that enters a room through windows, arrange mirrors in opposite locations to reflect the light around the space, increasing the benefits of the lighting and reducing the need for artificial lights throughout the day. 
  • Rearrange your furniture: Bulky furniture blocks light, making a room appear smaller. Shifting heavy furniture away from windows to let in more light can help accentuate the natural light coming from your windows. Choose streamlined furniture that makes greater use of your available space and is simple in style. 

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