Vinyl vs. Fibrex®

Windows are an essential part of every household. Therefore, choosing the right one for your home’s windows installation must be done carefully. The popular selections for this project include vinyl and Fibrex®. However, unlike other window materials, the combination of wood and hints of vinyl have made Fibrex a very popular option. To learn how Fibrex is guaranteed to be the better choice, here are factors to keep in mind.

Vinyl vs. Fibrex

1.  Appearance

The majority of any window is glass, but there are many different types and shapes of frames. Vinyl windows have an obvious join line at their corners, while Fibrex does not. Fibrex frames mimic the look of wood windows more closely, while vinyl windows are more plain.

2. Noise Insulation

The same glass fibers that make Fibrex window frames better energy insulators also make them better noise insulators. Vinyl does not have the same insulating properties, which means that noises from outdoors may travel through the frame more easily, such as through casement windows.

3. Environmental Factors

While Fibrex is a better insulator than vinyl, it is also less likely to develop air gaps over time. It accounts for as much as 30% of the energy you use to heat and cool your home, making it the greener choice.

4. Durability

As mentioned above, the materials used to make Fibrex have contributed a lot to its stability. It can be up to eight-times stronger than vinyl, making it last significantly longer. A high-quality vinyl window is rated for up to 30 years, yet Fibrex windows can last over 50 years.

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