Ways New Windows Can Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Leaky or drafty windows are responsible for more than 40% of your yearly heating and cooling costs. Increasing energy costs could be due to your outdated or damaged windows. Replacing them with new, energy-efficient ones will help you save significantly on utility bills.   

Ways New Windows Can Boost Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

Here are ways new windows can increase your home’s energy efficiency. 

Lower Energy Costs

With energy-efficient windows, your heating and cooling system won’t need to work as hard to keep your spaces comfortable. As a result, the system consumes less energy, and you save on energy costs. Another benefit of the reduced workload on your equipment is that it will become less prone to malfunctions and early failure. 

Improved Comfort

Investing in energy-efficient replacement windows can help you achieve year-round comfort. These windows are suitable for all climates. They prevent conditioned or warm air from escaping and outdoor air from entering. It means that energy-efficient windows help keep your spaces in moderate temperatures. 

Livelier Indoor Spaces

Natural light can improve mood, focus and productivity. It also helps regulate your circadian rhythm. Healthy sunlight exposure can also contribute to your body’s vitamin D production. Energy-efficient windows will allow generous amounts of sunshine into your living space without compromising comfort. 

UV Protection

Energy-efficient windows will illuminate your home while protecting you and your belongings against the sun’s harmful UV rays. The windows feature a low-emissivity glass coating that keeps UV rays from passing through the glass. You can count on these windows to prevent your furnishings, flooring and decor from fading. 

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