What Are the Top Advantages of Sliding Windows?

If you believe it is high time you replace outdated and shabby windows around your home, you might want to consider installing sliding windows. Also called gliding windows or sliders, sliding windows often feature one sash that glides right or left in either direction and another that is immobile. Renewal by Andersen® Midwest, a replacement windows and sliding French doors contractor, shares the numerous advantages of having sliding windows in residential spaces.

Sliding Windows
  • Increased Outdoor Views
    Unlike traditional double-hung windows that open vertically, sliding windows have large panels of glass that glide horizontally, offering a large, unobstructed view of your garden landscaping or backyard pool. They also allow copious natural light inside, making the living space brighter and more spacious than it actually is.
  • Easy Operation
    Sliding windows are one of the easiest styles of windows to operate. One panel is designed to slide open in order to bring in cool and fresh air while the other remains stationary. They also do not have a lot of moving parts, making them less difficult to open and close than other windows units.
  • Energy Efficiency
    Although a large percentage of modern windows are built with energy efficiency as a standard requirement, sliding windows tend to be especially energy-saving. Since they do not have complex mechanisms, they seal firmly when shut.
  • Minimal Maintenance
    Finally, sliding windows require very little upkeep, thanks to their simple design and lack of complicated parts. This also shortens the cleaning time significantly, which is something many homeowners will find compelling.

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