What Causes Wood and Vinyl Windows to Warp?

Two of the most popular window materials are wood and vinyl. They go well with different architectural styles, regardless if you have a modern or classic-looking home. Despite the appeal and versatility of these materials, their sashes tend to warp.  

What Causes Wood and Vinyl Windows to Warp?

One of the area’s leading window companies shares what usually causes this issue. 

Why Do Wood and Vinyl Windows Warp?

Warping is when wood and vinyl windows start to change in appearance until they are deformed. Over time, holes and cracks will develop, affecting the windows’ appeal and thermal performance. Some of the most common types of window warping include bowing, cupping, twisting, crooking and kinking. 

Excessive moisture is usually to blame for warped wood windows. The material can easily absorb and hold on to moisture, resulting in issues like warping, rotting and mold. When these windows absorb moisture unevenly, they create stress that contributes to expansion and contraction. The longer the problem persists, the more unsightly the units will look. 

Heat is typically the suspect behind warped vinyl windows. Extremely high temperatures can cause these windows to twist, bow, soften and warp. They can also sag because of how flexible they are. Another problem with these windows is that they can fade over time when exposed to harsh outdoor conditions and weather. 

How Do You Avoid This Issue?

It always pays to work with a window contractor who offers energy-efficient and durable products. Warping is the last thing you need to worry about with Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco’s windows, which are made with Fibrex® material. This material barely expands and contracts, even during the coldest days of winter or the warmest days of summer. 

A special polymer formulation surrounding and coating every wood fiber during manufacturing gives Fibrex superior resistance to rot and fungal growth. Our windows with this material won’t ever need scraping or painting and are warranted not to rust, flake, peel, crack, blister, corrode or pit. 

As one of the area’s most trusted window contractors, you can only expect excellent workmanship and superior products with Renewal by Andersen of San Francisco. Call us at (866) 609-5033, or fill out our contact form to get a free estimate. We serve clients in San Francisco and nearby areas.

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