What to Consider When Choosing Between Bow and Bay Windows

What to Consider When Choosing Between Bow and Bay Windows

To an untrained eye, the differences between bow and bay windows aren’t obvious. In a nutshell, both are projection units that jut out from the exterior wall. The bow is curvy, and the bay is angular. This small distinction, though, makes a world of difference not only in the way each looks but also in how each functions.

Bow and Bay Windows

Although bow and bay window systems are practically the same, there are instances when one is more appropriate to use than the other. To choose the right one for your home, Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey and New York Metro recommends paying attention to these things:

Floor Space

Both bow and bay windows create an instant recess, extending the floor area. Generally, though, the latter adds a bit more interior space. The bay protrudes farther from the wall and provides more room to place a seat or a storage unit.

Further, its flankers can be set at different angles. Your home’s style usually dictates what the arrangement of side units will be. During a window replacement for a contemporary home, for instance, the flankers would normally be set at right angles to create a box.

Glass Area

Bow windows typically have more glass than bay windows. In turn, they capture slightly larger views and catch more sunlight. Since the bow also has more panels than the bay, it can provide a greater amount of ventilation when all of its sub-windows are operable.


The bay is versatile enough to mesh with any space it occupies. Its bump-out design always lends the exterior home design more interest. As with sliding window systems, though, there are places where only bow units are sensible to use. For a captivating corner window, the bow is an excellent choice. It can elegantly hug the corner of your home, making it the instant center of attraction from the street.

Make the most of bow and bay windows with Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro. Our design consultant will guide you not only in choosing which is better for your space but also in custom-designing your choice. Call us at (866) 609-5033 now to schedule your free, in-home consultation in Jackson or Toms River, New Jersey.

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