What You Need to Know about Replacement Windows & Patio Doors

3 Important Things to Know Before Buying Replacement Windows & Patio Doors  

So, you want to replace your home’s windows and patio doors, but you’re not sure where to start. Buying replacement windows and doors is a big commitment. The right windows can boost your home’s value, improve the appearance of your home and even affect your quality of life. It’s such an important decision that many homeowners find it hard to get started. Knowing what to consider as you move forward with your home improvement project can help make the experience better overall. Here’s what you need to know.

#1. What’s the ROI of New Windows & Doors?

The return on investment (ROI) of new windows and patio doors is an important factor to most homeowners, especially those who are planning to sell their house sometime in the next few years. Energy efficiency, appearance, and value all play a role in the ROI of the products that you install. In general, depending upon the condition of your existing windows the ROI of new windows and patio doors can be between 70 and 80%.

What affects the ROI of your windows and patio doors?

  • Value. It’s important to get the best windows and doors for the best value, because good quality products get the most money back when your house sells. Shop around to find the right ones for you.
  • Ease of use. Home buyers are attracted to products and systems that work with ease. Look for windows and patio doors that are easy to open and shut, easy to clean inside and out, and easy to maintain.
  • Appearance. The beauty of your windows and patio doors can impact your home’s curb appeal, making your house more attractive to guests, visitors and home buyers.

#2. Which Materials are Best?

Windows and matching patio doors come in a range of materials. Before you choose the right windows for your home, explore the different materials available. Vinyl products have been standard in homes for years. Vinyl is attractive to home buyers because it’s affordable, easy to maintain and relatively inexpensive. However, vinyl is not a structural building material and expands and contracts excessively with the temperature, so gaps in caulking tend to open up over time, requiring regular maintenance.

Wood is a popular material that high-end buyers seek out regularly. Wood has warmth and beauty that is unique in the world of windows and matching doors. On the downside, wood requires regular maintenance of scraping, sanding, painting and caulking every year to protect against the inevitable rot.

Want the look of wood and the easy maintenance of vinyl? Composite windows may be for you. It’s hard to tell composite windows from natural wood windows, but they never need refinishing or repainting throughout the life of the product.

Your window consultant can help you decide which materials are best based on your budget and priorities.

#3. How Do You Find the Best Window & Patio Door Company?

The company you choose will impact your satisfaction when the project is over. When choosing a company to replace your windows and doors, consider the following:

  • Experience. How long has the company been in business? Do they have the experience to get the job done right?
  • References. Check references for any company before hiring them to make improvements to your property.
  • Reputation. Has the company won awards? Are they affiliated with organizations and associations that would speak to their reputation?
  • Price. Hire a company that fits in your budget, but remember – the least expensive contractor may not be the best contractor for your job. Hire a contractor who is prepared to do the job right the first time.
  • Warranty. What is the warranty? How long is it? What does it cover? Who covers it? Do you have a separate warranty for the product and another for the installation? If so, beware of having the manufacturer point fingers at the contractor and the contractor point fingers at the manufacturer – and neither of them covering the repairs or replacement.

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