What You Should Find in Your Window Replacement Warranty

A complete window replacement requires careful planning. It may not be as big as a roofing or siding installation, but it’s still a big investment and should be carefully considered. It involves several factors that range from choosing window materials and trim to hiring the right contractor for the job. And whether you decide on standard or custom windows, you’ll also have to consider their warranty. 

Windows and Their Warranties

You may think that window quality and performance won’t make much of a difference. But when you look closely, some windows have better warranty terms and coverage than others. Better product warranties often show that windows are made with top quality materials. A good warranty also serves as a testament to the product’s durability and reliability. The windows may cost more, but they are worth the investment in the long run.

Upon browsing different window products, you’ll notice that some are considerably more expensive than others. But while the lowest prices often equate to subpar performance, that doesn’t always mean the most expensive ones offer the highest quality. If you want to protect your investment and ensure a quality window replacement, you should choose a product that offers a solid warranty. 

Understanding Warranty Options

Window warranties vary by manufacturer. And because not all are created equal, the coverage offered by one brand won’t match what is offered by another. This can sometimes be confusing for homeowners. Fortunately, it’s easy to learn about different window warranties. By understanding what a warranty entails, you can take advantage of the different options and get the most out of your window replacement.  

Even if window warranties vary by company, many products offer the same warranty conditions. You can choose the best coverage for your custom windows, by reading the terms and conditions carefully. The options may seem endless, but they all fall under a few major categories:

  • Transferable warranties. Some warranties are transferable, allowing them to remain valid for subsequent homeowners. Consider getting this warranty for your new windows if you plan to sell your home at some point. This will help maintain its added value. After all, potential homebuyers would be motivated by a home with transferable window warranties. However, if your warranty states that it will expire upon the transfer of ownership, that may affect your home’s selling price. Make sure to read the terms and conditions closely when choosing a warranty as they can impact your home’s sale in the future.

  • Limited lifetime warranties. These are one of the most common types of window replacement warranties. Whether you’re planning to install bay windows or any other style, getting a solid limited lifetime warranty is highly recommended. This is because it usually determines how long the product will maintain its quality and performance. 

Workmanship and Product Warranties

The options listed above are often offered through workmanship or product warranties. These two major warranties are typically offered before signing up with the contractor for your window project. Both can be used to maximize your investment and protect your windows if you encounter problems after installation.

  • Workmanship warranties are typically offered by the window installers. They’re meant to guarantee the workmanship during installation. They also cover the damage caused by subpar installation as well as the repair and labor fees. These warranties can be negotiated to meet your needs and preferences so that your contractor will provide the best support you need if a problem arises with your new windows.

  • Product warranties, on the other hand, typically provide coverage for manufacturer defects after installation. You’re essentially covered for replacement parts if they fail due to a manufacturing defect. This can include damage such as defective hardware, failed window seals and warping. But if the damage is caused by abuse and neglect, you won’t be covered. Make sure to choose windows that offer good product warranty coverage. Consider window products offered with Renewal by Andersen’s Limited Warranty as they include full product coverage for 10 years. 

What Our Exclusive Window Warranty Offers

While most workmanship warranties offer about five years of labor and installation coverage, you get a much better deal when you purchase windows — and have them installed, of course — by the team at Renewal by Andersen® of Knoxville. When you choose our sliding windows or any of our similar products, you get a 10-year installation warranty. That means you’re covered in case they perform below standards within the warranty period due to improper installation. We also cover labor and repairs, making sure the quality of your new windows meets our strict standards.

Our Limited Warranty also provides a 10-year coverage on other window components. These include the frame and sash, which are made of our proprietary Fibrex® material. This means the frames won’t blister, crack, peel, flake, rust, corrode or rot under normal wear and tear for 10 years from the installation date. 

Our exclusive warranty also includes a 20-year limited warranty on our glass, which is a testament to our products’ exceptional quality and performance. It’s warranted to be free from damage and defects in manufacturing, materials and workmanship under normal use. This means it shouldn’t have any scratches or broken window seals that cause fogginess and obstruct your view for at least two decades. If we find your windows are defective, we’ll repair or replace the affected component at no additional cost.

As a leading window and door installer in Oak Ridge, TN, and the surrounding areas, Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville offers its clients one of the most robust window warranties in the industry. We’re only a phone call away if you’re looking to install custom bay, casement, double-hung or sliding windows with a solid warranty. Contact us today by calling (510) 214-4134 or filling out our contact form for a free estimate and in-home consultation.

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