When Should I Replace My Patio Door?

Designed to withstand a variety of elements, a patio door can last for many years and offer you value for your money. But much like other types of doors, it will require a replacement when its service life comes to an end. Here are some signs to watch out for that indicate that you should replace your patio door.

Patio Door Is Difficult to Operate

Having difficulty opening and closing your patio door is often a sure sign that you need to replace it. This is typically due to damaged rollers or a misaligned track. But in some cases, the damage may also be caused by harsh elements like rain and excessive heat. It’s best to have your patio door checked so that you can address the source of the problem.

Patio Door Is Drafty

Drafts usually make it hard for your interior to cool down during the summer despite a functional air conditioner. During winter, you may notice the room still feels cold even if you turn on the heat. In such cases, you should consider checking your patio door and making sure it is not leaking air. If your patio door turns out to have drafts, it is recommended to replace it in order to properly insulate your home.

Gaps Exist Between the Door and the Frame

Check your patio door for gaps between the door and the frame. Typically, this type of issue is caused by extreme weather and develops into the warping of the frame and/or sash. Other times, these gaps are due to shoddy installation so you should have it inspected as soon as possible.

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