Which Exterior Color is Best for Your Windows?

Exterior window colors can dramatically affect the appearance and curb appeal of your home. Choosing the right color for your window frames is important architecturally and aesthetically. When you’re choosing the color of your window exteriors, take into consideration the color of your siding, your home’s architectural style and how the color might impact your home’s future resale value. Windows can last for decades, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Coordinate Window Frame Color with Your Home’s Siding

Coordinate the exterior color of your window frames to the color of your siding. While the colors don’t need to match each other, it is important to choose exterior window colors that will complement the siding that you have. If you’re planning to replace your home’s siding sometime in the next few years, take into consideration the potential color of your future siding when choosing the exterior color of your window frames.

Color options vary by window brand. In addition to the standard White most window manufacturers offer, Renewal by Andersen window frames are available in eight other colors, including Sandtone, Canvas, Terratone, Cocoa Bean, Dark Bronze, Red Rock, Forest Green and even Black.

Familiarize yourself with the window frame colors available in the window brand you’ve selected. If your chosen brand of windows has samples available of each exterior window color, take those samples home and compare them to the siding on your home. Seeing the exterior color and your siding together could help you make a decision. You can even see and try out different windows and window colors right on your own home, in real time, using Renewal by Andersen’s Augmented Reality on your smartphone or tablet.

Color combinations like white and gray, canvas and green, black and white often look good together. Know which combinations are generally attractive and take this into consideration when choosing a combination for you.

If your home’s siding is an unusual color and you’re having a hard time, consider getting a color consultation from a local professional designer. Often you can get color consultations from professionals who work with painting supply companies.

Consider the Future Property Value of Your Home When Choosing a Window Color

If you’re planning to sell your home sometime in the relatively near future, consider how your exterior window color can affect your home’s overall property value. The color you choose for your exterior windows can affect your home’s resale value in the future. Neutral colors appeal to more home buyers more than bright, bold colors. Choose a color that home buyers are more likely to not notice or to notice favorably.

Match Your Window Frame Color to Your Home’s Architectural Style

Some home architectural styles look best when combined with neutral colors, while other architectural styles are more naturally colorful. One example would be Victorian homes, which are naturally more colorful structures than other home styles, like a Colonial or Cape. If you happen to live in a Victorian style home, consider a brighter exterior window color. Red Rock or Forest Green may be appropriate and can really set your house apart.

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