Which Grille Pattern Is Right for My Replacement Windows?

When you choose replacement windows for your home, you get to pick everything about the windows, including the window style, the window frame color, and the window grille pattern, if you would like window grilles on your window). The window grille pattern is important because it helps define the character and architectural style of your windows. The grille pattern creates a style that can add to the interest, beauty and curb appeal of your house.

There are many different grille patterns, from Colonial to Prairie, Diamond and more. Picking the right grille pattern gets easier when you know what options are available. Here’s what you need to know about the many types of grille patterns available to you.

Farmhouse Window Grille

Farmhouse Window GrilleThe Farmhouse Window Grille style is a simple three over one on a double-hung window. This divides the upper half of the sash into three vertical glass sections while the bottom sash is grille free. This provides a nice unbroken expanse of glass at the bottom of the window while adding some elegance above. As its name implies, this is perfect style for a farmhouse style home.

Colonial Window Grille

Colonial Window GrilleColonial grille patterns are grid-like, with symmetrical criss-crossing grilles that create a simple but attractive six over six pattern. If you own an older home, especially a Colonial-style historic home, this type of grille pattern will reinforce your home’s style and its historic character. Colonial grille patterns do break up the view out your window, so if one of the features of your home is an attractive view, this may not be the grille pattern for you.

Prairie Window Grille

Prarie Window GrillePrairie grille patterns have grilles that run parallel to the edge of the windows and leave a large, unbroken view out the window. Prairie style windows are an excellent choice if your home has a lovely view, or if your yard has beautiful landscaping. Prairie style windows are classic but elegant, and have sophistication. These unusual window grilles are perfect for many high-end homes. There is also a Modified Prairie Window Grille that removes the bottom horizontal grille line on the top sash and the top horizontal grille line on the bottom, to give you even larger expanses of glass to view through.

Custom Window Grilles

Not seeing a good grille option for your windows? Custom grilles are also available. Work with your window dealer and installer to learn more about custom grilles and achieve the look you want.

Types of Window Grilles  

Not only are there different window grille patterns, there are also different ways of creating your window grilles.

Full Divided Light Window Grilles

Full Divided Lite Window GrilleDesigned to most closely recreate the look of traditional divided lite windows, full divided light window grilles have a grille on the outside of the window, the inside of the window AND between the panes of insulated glass.

Between the Glass Window Grilles

Between the Glass Window GrilleThese are the easiest window grille to care for as the grilles are ONLY located between the panes of insulated glass. This provides the look of divided lite windows, but enable much easier cleaning of the glass from the inside and the outside.

Interior Window Grilles

Interior Window GrilleMade of hardwood, these window grilles snap into clips on the interior of the sash and can be easily removed to make glass cleaning a breeze.

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Windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island come in a range of styles and can be custom designed with many different grille patterns to match your home’s architectural style and your design sensibility. To learn more about installing windows from Renewal by Andersen of Long Island, call the toll-free number today 866-609-5033 or fill in the short form on this page.

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