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Awning and hopper replacement windows are among the first styles that come to mind when people think about remodeling their basement in the New Jersey and New York Metro area. Having a welcome source of light that also allows superior ventilation is a great choice. At Renewal by Andersen when they have the space, we often help our customers give their lower level living space, light and a fresh new look with casement windows, but, sometimes this versatile style just won’t work in your situation. So, which replacement window should you buy if you are updating your basement? Check out these tips to help make your spaces more functional, beautiful and healthy for your family.

Opening Up Your Basement with Modern Replacement Windows

Energy-efficient replacement windows help you control the cost of heating and air conditioning throughout your home. The same is true of basements, which often feel damp and dark because most basements don’t have large windows to usher in brilliant sunshine. When working with smaller windows, you need to choose a style, or styles, that are easy to use and clean, and don’t require a lot of maintenance to prevent drafts and water seepage around the window unit.

How to Decide Which Replacement Window You Should Buy

All basements are not created equal. Some have small windows near the top of the wall. Some have an outside entrance, while others have an entrance from the interior of the home. Your preexisting windows and doors will determine the size of your replacement windows, but you have flexibility to choose a design that complements your lifestyle. The style you choose should be easy to take care of, enable as much natural light as your surroundings allow, and let you circulate air to keep the room from becoming stale. Egress during an emergency is critical, but you also want a window with a locking system that discourages uninvited “guests” from entering.

If you have the space, a high-quality casement window is an excellent choice for windows high on the wall because:

  • The single handle is located on the bottom edge of the window unit. Unless you have an usually deep basement, you should be able to reach the crank-type handle without a ladder or step stool.
  • You can reach both the interior and exterior surfaces of the glass portion of the window unit from inside your home. This means you won’t have to get down on the ground to clean your outside window components.
  • Casement replacement windows offer the highest energy-efficiency rating of any operable window in our home improvement product line.
  • Our patented Fibrex frames never need resurfacing to prevent damage caused by the weather elements, and they are guaranteed never to rot, mildew, rust or flake – virtually zero maintenance required.

Choosing the Best Replacement Window Style for Your Spaces

Sounds like casement windows are the perfect solution, doesn’t it? While these versatile windows are definitely worth considering, they won’t work for every environment. For example, if you have a walkway directly outside the windows, they could block the path when open. And, if your current windows are wider than they are tall, it may be difficult to reach from corner to corner to clean your glass panes from inside. Fortunately there are other options. If you want to increase natural light levels, sliding windows are a good choice. Sliders offer abundant air flow, without interfering with walkway traffic. And, the low-profile (narrow frames) gives you a larger glass area compared to casement replacement windows, so you get a better view of the world outside (assuming you have a view from your basement).

Two other popular replacement window styles, awnings and hoppers, work very well in basement spaces. Awning windows are designed to channel water away from the house when open, so you can refresh your basement rooms even when a gentle rain is falling without worrying about rain coming inside. Awnings are hinged at the top and push outward, so like casements, you won’t enjoy full functionality if there are shrubs or other plants growing directly outside your window. An open awning window may also interfere with outdoor activity close to the house. Hoppers are hinged at the bottom and pull inward. It is easy to clean both surfaces on a hopper window unit from indoors, and you won’t have to worry about blocking the walkway. But, you shouldn’t open your windows on a rainy day, or you may end up with water on the floor and other things placed directly under the window.

Let Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro Help You Update Your Basement with High-Performance Replacement Windows

Still have questions about which replacement window you should buy to update your basement? We can help. Just fill in the short form on this page or give a Renewal by Andersen replacement window consultant a call. Dial (866) 609-5033 today to get started immediately.

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