Why and How to Reduce Extraneous Noise Inside Your Home

Why and How to Reduce Extraneous Noise Inside Your Home

Reducing loud sounds inside your house matters. Regular exposure to noise pollution can cause hearing problems. Without peace and quiet, your home may not feel like the haven it should be. 

Why and How to Reduce Extraneous Noise Inside Your Home

One way to keep unpleasant sounds out of your house is to install energy-efficient replacement windows. To Renewal by Andersen® of Atlanta, below are the characteristics that make them effective for outdoor noise abatement.

Airtight Framing

Sound travels freely through air, so it is imperative to eliminate all gaps around your windows to avoid hearing it as much as possible. We recommend measure-to-order units, as they are easier to seal.

Measured within 1/16th of an inch of the existing openings, Renewal by Andersen products are noise-resistant by design. Our Certified Master Installers fill the remaining tiny gaps with specially formulated foam that contributes to insulation.

Double Glazing

Any experienced windows company attests that sound can move through solid objects too. That is why you can still hear the outside world even if you close ordinary windows.

But double-pane units are on a different level. They have two sheets of glass, making them thicker than usual. When the distance between their panes are optimized, like what Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta does, their soundproofing qualities increase. 

Argon Gas Filling

Any shrewd windows contractor pumps argon into the space between the pieces of glass of double-pane units. The primary role of this gas fill is to insulate heat, but it enhances a window’s ability to block outdoor noise too.

Argon-filled double-pane windows with airtight construction reduce sound transfer both ways. That means you can increase your level of privacy when they are closed.

Renewal by Andersen of Atlanta offers an impressive range of window styles that can help you reduce outdoor noise pollution effectively. Call us at (866) 609-5033 now to schedule your FREE in-home consultation in Marietta, GA, and let us get your window project off the ground.

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