Why Cheap Window Installation Isn’t Worth the Cost

Installing windows on a budget? Low-cost windows installed by a less-than-capable installer can do significant damage to your home. While you might save money on installation, you could find out later that the savings weren’t worth it. Structural damage, mold and energy inefficiency can all cost money over time. If you’re replacing your windows, it’s better to spend the money up front and install a good quality product. Here’s what you need to know.

#1. Leaks Around Your Windows

Properly installed windows don’t leak. Well-installed windows fit snuggly in the frame and are flashed and caulked to ensure they prevent leaks for years to come. If your windows are not installed by a skilled professional, poorly installed flashing could lead to water leaks which could cause serious water damage to your home over time. If this happens, you’ll start to see stains around the window, on the wall, or along the floor near the window. You might even start to get mold in your home. And that’s the good news. Often you won’t see the leaks inside the framing of your home until the damage is already done.

#2. Poorly Functioning Windows

Properly installed quality windows open and close easily, while poor-fitting windows and poorly designed windows may be difficult to use from the day they’re installed. There are many reasons why it’s important for your windows to open and close easily, not least of which is that you paid for operating windows. If they’re hard to open and close, you’re not going to open and close them and you’re not getting your money’s worth for your windows. If you’re aging in place, you may eventually lose the strength to lift or open windows that are difficult to use. Hard to open windows can also be a hazard in the event of a house fire or other emergency when you have to get out quick.

#3. Protect Your Windows’ Energy Efficiency

Well-designed and installed windows are energy efficient, which reduces the burden on your home’s HVAC system and reduces your home’s energy bills. You can tell how energy efficient new windows are by reading the yellow Energy Guide label on the windows you’re thinking about purchasing.

Look for the ENERGY STAR designation. If the windows you want to purchase aren’t ENERGY STAR rated, you could find yourself struggling to keep your home comfortable, even after your new windows are installed.

And, even if you bought the most energy efficient windows, a poor installation can negate the benefits you paid for that efficiency. A window is only as good as the installation. If they are not perfectly installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications, they will not retain the energy efficiency they for which they were designed.

#4. Prevent Window Breezes and Drafts

This goes hand-in-hand with energy efficiency. Energy inefficient windows can lead to breezes and drafts indoors, making your home uncomfortable at all times of the year. This can be a particular problem with vinyl windows. Vinyl is not a structurally strong material and it moves a great deal with temperature fluctuations from summer to winter and back again. Over time, this can lead to a poor fit, gaps and drafts around your windows. Installing quality windows the right way can prevent this problem.

Installing New Windows? Contact the Window Professionals

Your window installation is too important an investment to get wrong. Poorly installing inexpensive or poor performing windows can lead to problems for years to come. Getting it right the first time will save money and hassle while improving your home’s property value in the long run.

Our window frames are built from a proprietary product called Fibrex, a low-maintenance material made from wood and resins that is stronger and more durable than vinyl. Our windows last for decades and they’re installed by experts – by us. To install the right windows for your home, contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island at (866) 609-5033 or fill out the short form on this page to schedule a free consultation.


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