Why Choose Energy-Efficient Windows for Your Home

There has been much innovation in terms of window technology, so much so that the difference in energy efficiency between windows manufactured a decade ago compared to today is incredible. Energy-efficient windows are designed to assist in improving a home’s energy efficiency. For window contractors like us, however, they do much more than that. Here’s a closer look at how these products work: 

Preventing Indoor Air From Leaking Outside

Energy-efficient windows form an airtight seal around the frames to keep indoor air within your living spaces. This allows your heating and cooling system to regulate indoor temperatures more easily without having to work harder and consume more electricity.

Keeping the Heat Out

Energy-efficient windows allow sunlight to enter indoors while keeping the heat out. The glass, in fact, has special coatings designed to cut down the amount of heat that can pass through it. Combined with high-quality framing materials like our thermal-resistant Fibrex® frames, your indoor living spaces remain comfortable even during the hot summer months.

Minimizing Drafts

A professional window contractor ensures proper window installation to prevent issues that could impact your home’s comfort levels. The pros, in particular, use the necessary methods and tools to minimize the occurrence of drafts that are known to affect the performance of HVAC systems.

Ensuring Warmth

Aside from keeping the heat out, energy-efficient windows also do a great job keeping the indoors warm during the coldest months of the year. Equipped with top-notch insulation and high thermal resistance, you get consistent comfort levels regardless of the season.

As one of the leading window companies in the area, Renewal by Andersen® of San Francisco offers ENERGY STAR®-certified replacement windows that provide remarkable energy efficiency. Our exclusive Fibrex frame material, combined with your choice of glass package, can help create energy-efficient windows that work better in summer and winter compared to those equipped with only ordinary dual-panel glass.

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