Why Fibrex® Windows Are Effective Against Warping

Vinyl windows are a popular choice for homes due to their strength, durability, low maintenance requirements and cost. However, one disadvantage of this window material might make you rethink this option as it could potentially have an impact on the longevity and overall cost-efficiency of your window — window warping.

Fibrex® Windows

Warped vinyl windows are usually the result of excessive heat. However, if warping occurs on wood windows, the cause can likely be traced back to moisture issues. 

Fortunately, it’s possible to avoid this issue, thanks to Fibrex® windows. Read on to learn more about window warping and how Fibrex windows can help you dodge this kind of window problem.

Signs of Window Warping

Warping typically happens on casement and awning windows. But whether you have casement windows, sliding windows or other types of windows, it could benefit you to find out more about this window issue. After all, this kind of information can empower you to better care for your windows at home.

Window warping is characterized by abnormal bends or deformations, which could lead to large, unpleasant gaps that could negatively affect your home’s energy efficiency. Different types of warping can occur on windows:

  • Bow – This is the most common type of warping that causes bends along the face of the window.

  • Cup – This type of warping causes the window to warp inwards or outwards, creating a cup-like bend.

  • Twist – This causes the edges of the window to twist.

  • Crook – This is also another common type of warping. It occurs along the edge of the window.

  • Kink – This is a more unique type of crook warping. It typically occurs in one area of the sash.

If you notice that your window has become misshapen, make sure to call a window company as soon as possible. Have them look at the problem and inspect your window to determine if a repair or replacement would be necessary.

Common Causes of Window Warping

With regards to vinyl windows, two factors often contribute to the deformation of the sash: excessive heat and mishandling of the window. Warping also tends to be more common in dark-colored vinyl windows since these generally attract more heat. South-facing windows can also be more susceptible to warping because they have high exposure to the sun throughout the day.

Nevertheless, the sun or its heat is usually not the sole culprit behind window warping. Oftentimes, warping is a combination of the two factors mentioned above.

For instance, if you overtighten your window whenever you close it and it gets exposed to the sun’s heat, the material can become softer and malleable. The pressure from the window’s locking mechanism at the top and bottom can cause these parts to bend inward. And when the material cools down and hardens, the window bows in the middle section and stays that way.

It is important to note that although heat is certainly a contributing factor to warping, the issue is mostly considered a result of mishandling the window — in this case, improperly closing or overtightening the window.

That said, even if your window frame and sash components are covered by warranty for 25 years, you might not be able to file a claim for window replacement. This is because warranties usually have a clause that nullifies it when a defect or malfunction occurs due to unreasonable use of the product.

Most companies, however, give customers the benefit of the doubt. In this case, they may offer to replace the sash once without additional charges.

Why Fibrex® Windows Are a Great Choice

Window warping can be tricky to deal with, so the best thing you can do is to pick a reputable company. You can also opt for a different window material and eliminate the risk and hassle of warping. Whether you need custom windows or double hung windows, make sure they are made of Fibrex material.

Fibrex is a patented composite material offered exclusively by Andersen. It has been designed with the strength and stability of wood while ensuring the material requires only minimal upkeep. Fibrex has excellent resistance against rot, decay and warping. It does not expand or contract as much as vinyl under fluctuating temperatures, so you can rest assured that your Fibrex windows won’t be susceptible to warping.

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