Window Installation Process: Who’s Got The Skill For It?

If it’s time to replace the old windows in your Atlanta property, what you should do? Can you do it on your own or should you ask for professional help? The process of substituting your old windows with replacement windows is one that you have to go through when you’re planning to do home improvement, renovation or remodeling. It is not only the windows that can be expensive but the labor as well. More often than not, it is better to entrust the installation to a contractor who specializes on replacing windows in Atlanta GA. You’d be sure that your windows will be in safe hands and the installation will be done at your projected time.

Allot a few days for the window installation or replacement process as the pro needs to ensure that everything will fall into the right place. How often do you open and close your windows? It must be ensured that they can serve their purpose—to keep your home protected from environmental elements. Here’s the usual schedule of the installation process done by pros:

Day 0 – Before the Installer Arrives
Confirm installation date and projected time of completion to the contractor
List down specific instructions and reminders that you would like to communicate to the installer so that everything will be covered when they do their job. You may write them on post-its and place them directly on the window parts.

Day 1 – Remove Old Windows and Start the Replacement Job
Give the installer/s a walkthrough of your house and go over each window. Communicate to them your special instructions, expectations, and listen to their suggestions. You’ve hired a pro anyway.
Ask them on how they’ll start and do their job so that you’ll have an idea how their workflow will transpire. If they are a group of installers, expect some to bring in windows as some remove windows.  Expect nothing but an organized workflow that will get the job on time.

Be within their reach in case they have questions. They might still need your approval on certain matters. As removal continues, installation proceeds. New windows are set in place and leveled with shims then nailed into place.

Meanwhile, expect installers to move old windows outside periodically. Usually, contractors include disposal as part of their service. Make sure to confirm with them.

Day 2 to 3 – Finish Removal and Replacement then Begin Exterior Cladding of Windows
Expect installers to arrive early in the morning to continue their job.
When the installers are done removing and installing your windows, they may begin installing aluminum exterior trim on your windows. Although this service is often optional. This exterior trim provides a tight seal against the weather.

After the installation, windows are tested to ensure that they are properly placed. Work may extend up to 3 days to finish the installation of exterior cladding.

Be sure you or someone in your house is around to attend to any query of the installers. You’ve hired a pro but you still want to ensure that they deliver what is expected of them.

If you’re looking for the best solution for replacement windows, consider Renewal by Andersen. We specialize on the job and provide other solutions on home improvement in Atlanta. With a number of successful window installation and replacement projects that we have handled, you can be sure that your new windows will be installed properly at your projected time. Contact us today.

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