Window Interior Design Tips to Consider

Windows are essentially a reflection of your home’s architecture. But while they make up a big part of the home exterior, they also influence what your interiors will look like. They’re also meant to enhance the visual appeal of the room they inhabit. But without the right window style, they won’t work too well with the rest of your home’s interior elements.

Window Interior Design

The right design elements must also be in place to complement the window’s decorative style. Here are a few key design tips to keep in mind:

For Traditional Homes

If you have a traditionally styled home, consider getting double-hung windows for your window replacement project. This style can also have different grille design patterns. Some designs like a diamond-shaped grille can even provide an interesting focal point to establish a warm and cozy feeling in your living space!

For Contemporary Homes

Most contemporary homes utilize casement windows to add a sense of freshness and modernity. They’re designed to open from the side hinges with a crank or lever, and can also be adorned with either a grille design for a more transitional look or with solid glass panes for a more modernist look. They’re also typically used together with picture windows for added beauty and performance. So, if you want a smooth and clean look while also controlling how much fresh air can get into your home, you won’t go wrong with casement windows! 

Other Design Tips to Consider

  • Incorporate custom shapes. Some windows can be incorporated with custom designs to add more design impact to your interiors. For instance, Palladian windows can easily evoke a classic warmth to a traditionally-styled interior. 
  • Don’t let in too much sunlight. While natural light helps boost productivity and improve mental health, too much of it can also make your interiors hotter than normal. Consider installing blinds and curtains so that you have better control of how much you let in natural light.

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