Window Seal Failure: 4 Common Culprits to Blame

A window seal refers to the seal that holds the air between a window’s multiple panes of glass. When this seal fails, moisture and humidity can seep into the air separating the panes in the window unit, causing issues with visibility and performance. But why exactly do these window sails fail? Find out in this post four common reasons behind window seal failure.

Window Seal Failure
  1. Age: Windows that are approaching the end of their serviceable life often exhibit signs of deterioration, including seal failure. This is particularly true for old-fashioned windows that use outdated methods of weather protection. If you suspect old age is the culprit behind the seal failure, it will be best to replace the whole unit instead of simply updating its weatherstripping.
  1. Maintenance: Window seals fail when you neglect proper care and maintenance. That said, it is essential that you work with a premier contractor to make sure that your investment is in tip-top shape all year round.
  1. Elements: While window seals are designed to withstand long-term exposure to extreme weather conditions – such as heat and humidity – there is a limit to what they can endure. If you reside in an area that often experiences rainfall, for example, there is a high chance that water will leak behind the seals and cause them to lift over time. Once this happens, small openings will form, allowing more moisture to pass through.
  1. Installation: Issues with window seals should not materialize soon after installation. If they do, the manufacturer’s specifications may not have been properly observed during the installation process. To avoid problems with your window seals, hire an experienced company that can ensure an error-free installation.

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