Window Updates vs. Window Replacement

Window Updates vs. Window Replacement

Whenever someone brings up the idea of improving the home’s energy efficiency by “updating” the windows, most people think of replacing the existing windows. However, it’s possible to update your windows without having to remove what’s currently installed in your home. How exactly are window updates different from window replacement? Here’s what our window installation experts have to say about it.

Window Updates vs. Window Replacement

Window Updates

As the name implies, window updates are solutions that are geared towards making a home’s windows better at meeting today’s modern home demands. This could mean adding energy-efficient features, getting existing window problems fixed or even replacing existing parts of a window system. In all cases, you get to keep your old windows and improve their ability to function and meet your current needs.

Window Replacement

Window replacement may be considered a form of updating your windows, but it involves getting rid of the ones currently installed in your home. Window installation experts can put in a window insert on an existing frame or go for full window replacement in which the insert comes with its own frame.

Which Is Better?

Updating a window is usually more affordable than replacing it because it only involves adding attachments, such as storm windows, re-applying caulk or changing the glass panes. As a window nears the end of its life span, it starts deteriorating to the point where updates won’t help it keep up with modern-day demands. Once the window (and its frame) shows signs of deterioration, such as warping, brittleness or cracking, replacing it is the only viable option.

Getting Help With Decisions

It’s not easy for the average homeowner to check if their windows need updates or if it’s time for a fresh window installation. If you want to make sure you’re getting the better option, you’ll need an experienced professional to give you a more accurate assessment of your windows.

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