Windows For Modern Homes

Windows For Modern Homes Part 1 Key Features

Part 1: Key Features

When it comes to windows, modern homes utilize them differently compared with traditional homes. They put function before form, ensuring every detail contributes something practical. Modern home windows may not be known for fancy aesthetics, but their simplicity begets beauty.

To design your windows from Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey and New York Metro right, understand the key features modern structures value the most:

Large Glass

Modern architecture is synonymous with oversized glass units, sometimes stretching from the floor to the ceiling. Contemporary home designs feature window walls to let in as much natural light as possible for daylighting. As the sun is a limitless and free source of illumination, modern structures utilize it to reduce energy consumption and improve indoor visibility. Best of all, large units capture sweeping panoramas and bring nature in.

Narrow Framing

Modern homes use glass units with thin frames to erase any evidence of windows. They’re big on creating a seamless connection between inside and out. Sleek framing makes space-efficient window design, making the units seem larger than they really are because of more glass. The same concept applies to exterior doors too.

No Grilles

Ever since the world learned how to manufacture large expanses of glass, window grilles have lost their structural purpose. To this day, though, traditional homes still use them for aesthetic reasons and to achieve historical accuracy. Modern architectural movements are not huge fans of grilles because they only decrease the benefits of the massive pieces of glass.

Bonus: Angular Shaping

Modern architecture has an affinity for windows with corners, not curves. Angular glass units are consistent with contemporary home designs, which usually lack round elements. So when planning your window replacement, you can’t go wrong with square or rectangular units.

Part 2: Ideal Styles

Windows For Modern Homes Part 2 Ideal Styles

In the first part of our special blog, we discussed the key features of the modern home’s window design. Now, Renewal by Andersen® of New Jersey and New York Metro wants to share the different types of units commonly used in contemporary architectural styles.

Industrial Modern

This architecture loves asymmetrical window arrangements that feature rectangular units. It utilizes tall glass fixtures combined with slender casement windows to capture snapshots of nature, catch the sun, and increase natural ventilation. The Industrial Modern style is big on clerestory units too. For egress purposes, installing at least one large sliding window in every bedroom would suffice to bring your home up to code.

In some cases, the Industrial Modern style uses polygonal windows to reflect interior or exterior features, like a fireplace or a pitched roof.

International Modern

This architectural movement generally demands multiple windows in groups. Wrapping four crank units around corners is not an uncommon window replacement idea. International Modern homes like to trade solid walls for glass ones made with a mix of regular-sized, fixed and operating windows. Compared with other contemporary architectures, the lines formed by interconnecting frames lend the International Modern its character and charm. For diversity, punctuate solid walls with small, standalone units.

Miesian Modern

Thanks to their sturdy steel structural roof support, Miesian homes can afford to have plenty of floor-to-ceiling windows or tall glass units crowned by transoms. These glass walls serve as a transparent barrier that blurs the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

To meet egress and ventilation needs, the sliding window is the widest of all operating units. It makes excellent use of the wall opening without adding too many lines that would obstruct the view.


With the right bow and bay window designs, you can use projection units in your contemporary home. For as long as their flankers are set at a 90° angle, they could blend in with the rest of your space.

Accentuate your home’s modern aesthetic with windows. If you missed the first part of our special blog, check it in our archive. To talk about your needs in Toms River or Jackson, New Jersey, call us at 908-858-5861 today. Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro will be happy to schedule your free, in-home consultation at your convenience.

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