3 Clever Ways Your Backsplash & Kitchen Windows Can Coexist

Window backsplashes are such a simple design element, yet so ingenious. They’re so smart they could render your kitchen wonderfully energy-efficient, magically spacious, and delightfully stunning.

Backsplash and Kitchen Windows

As the top source of energy-efficient Connecticut windows, it’s only fitting that Renewal by Andersen® helps you get inspired through our kitchen window backsplash ideas for your next project. Here’s a couple to get your creative juices flowing:

Spanning Across

Installing your window backsplash wall to wall is a clever way to make your small kitchen seem bigger and let plenty of light in. Its expansive length would create an illusion of space and make your beautiful backyard a part of your kitchen scenery.

Make sure, however, to be thoughtful when it comes to your plug-ins. If you succeed in imagining the arrangement of your electric appliances on the counter, the whole design would be absolutely sleek.

Beyond Boundaries

Just because the usual height of backsplashes is 18 inches high doesn’t mean you can’t go over it. Increasing the measurement would work wonders for enjoying more natural light when prepping and cooking food.

Take note, however, that if we make your windows in Connecticut a bit larger, it might likewise make your upper cabinets higher too. You might need a stool just to reach your stored items. Our team can help you figure out the best way to pull this off for this design to work.

Get It Tiled in

Kitchens with a tiled-in window backsplash are marvels to behold. Incorporating your window into the existing tile backsplash is simply brilliant—but has to be done carefully. That said, there’s no need to worry; you can rely on our decades of experience with installing cutting-edge Renewal by Andersen windows in CT to ensure you can capture that camouflage effect.

The possibilities are endless if you work with Renewal by Andersen®. Call us now at (203) 429-0449, tell us your great ideas, and let’s discuss your kitchen project.

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