3 Steps to Budgeting for Patio & Entry Door Replacement

3 Steps to Budget for Door Replacement

Exterior door replacement is one of the more affordable home improvements homeowners can undertake to improve the value of their home. Replacing a patio or entry door can reduce drafts, improve energy efficiency, reduce heating and air conditioning bills and improve the resale value of your home.

An old patio door can allow drafts into the home, make the house less comfortable, and negatively impact the appearance of the house. Replacing the door can solve all those problems and more! Budgeting for your patio door installation can make your home improvement a success. Here’s what to do when budgeting for your patio door upgrade.

#1. Get Quotes for Your Exterior Door Replacement

Start by getting quotes from different patio door installers. When you’re getting quotes from installers, remember that the lowest price is unlikely to be the best value for your money. Installers and dealers that dramatically undercut the competition could be cutting corners by using low quality materials, or by hiring less skilled workers to perform the installation.

Plan to buy patio doors that you can afford, but be wary of any installer that seems to be charging far less than the others. When in doubt, take into consideration factors like the installer’s reputation, years in business, customer service, awards and reviews from customers. Considering these variables will help you choose an installer that’s right for you.

#2. Will You Pay Cash or Finance Your New Door Installation?

Generally speaking, homeowners usually choose to pay for their home improvements with cash or by seeking financing. Paying in cash is the cheapest way to pay for a home improvement, but financing is a good option for a homeowner who wants their home improvement now but doesn’t have the funds.

If you’re paying in cash, set aside the money for your upcoming exterior door replacement. Once you have quotes from multiple door installers, you’ll know whether you have enough to pay for your home improvement. If you don’t have the money now, perhaps waiting a few months or a year will enable you to pay for your doors all at once.

If you’re financing your door upgrade, seek a lender with fair rates and a good reputation. The lender may ask to see paperwork from you, including bank statements, taxes from previous years, and more. Start shopping around for a lender early to ensure that you’ve got the financing lined up when you’re ready to install your patio doors. Don’t forget to ask your door reseller if they have any financing deals. Often you can get a year of financing with no money down, no interest and no payments.

#3. Take Into Consideration Your Home’s Value

When you’re budgeting for any kind of home improvement, one of the things to consider is how much it will increase your home’s value. This plays an important role in the decision to make the improvement, and how much you should spend. A good patio door will add value to your home for decades to come.

Improved energy efficiency, improved curb appeal and improved appeal to future home buyers can make all the difference. When you’re trying to decide how much to spend and whether it’s worth the cost, don’t forget to factor in the overall value to your property.

Replacement Door Budget Made? Get Started Today

Now that you’ve made your budget for your upcoming exterior door replacement, contact Renewal by Andersen of Long Island. Use the toll-free number (866) 609-5033 or fill out the short form on this page to schedule your appointment and learn how patio doors from Renewal by Andersen can improve your home’s value.

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