Our Glass Options for Your Replacement Windows

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One of the most important components of an energy-efficient window is its glass. Together with the right framing material, it can help keep your indoors comfortable, lower your heating and cooling requirements, and achieve significant energy savings. 

As the trusted window replacement contractor in the area, we offer glass packages that provide degrees of energy performance, including visible light transmittance and ultraviolet (UV) protection. Here’s a detailed look at each option:

High-Performance™ Low-E4® Glass

This glass option offers outstanding overall performance for seasonal climates where both heating and cooling costs are a concern. It features a low emissivity (low-E) coating that blocks 84% of harmful UV rays. Equipping your new windows with it helps keep your home comfortable in summer and winter. It can also help cut your energy consumption to up to 25%.

SmartSun™ Glass with HeatLock® Technology

Boost the energy performance of your replacement windows by equipping them with this glass option. This new glazing system is specifically designed to meet the more stringent ENERGY STAR® requirements for windows. You get all the benefits of our Low-E4® SmartSun® glass plus an energy-saving coating that reflects escaping heat back into the room to ensure consistent indoor comfort. It also has the highest efficiency rating in cool weather among all other glass packages.

Sun Glass

This glass option offers the same benefits as the SmartSun glass, but it comes with a subtle tint on the exterior part of the glass that helps minimize the intense brightness that the sun emits. It meets the Renewal by Andersen® highest standards in cool weather performance, but it is also exceptional in hot climates where the air conditioning system has to keep up with the sunlight streaming through the windows.

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