3 Tips to Prepare for Your Replacement Windows Project

3 Tips to Prepare for Your Replacement Windows Project

Today’s house windows are light years ahead of their predecessors, but nothing lasts forever and all windows have a limited lifespan. At some point, we all come to the realization that it’s time to replace the windows in our home. Maybe the old ones are energy inefficient, or they don’t open and close as well or easily as they used to. Maybe you’re using a book to keep your windows open, or you’ve given up even trying. You may be looking at selling your home in the next few years, and you’re hoping to make a few smart investments that will make your house stand out and worth more in a competitive market. If you’re replacing your windows soon, take the following steps to ensure you get started on the right foot.

#1. Meet with Window Dealers and Installers

Start your window replacement project by meeting with window dealers and installers who can make your home upgrade a success. Here’s what you need to know:

Some Window Dealers Perform Installation & Some Do Not

If you hire a window dealer that does not perform installation, you’ll need to hire an installer separately. This will mean two different hiring process, two different warranties to manage, two different payment processes and more.

Price Isn’t Everything

It’s tempting to buy the cheapest windows and hire the cheapest professionals you can, but the cheapest option is rarely the best. In fact, buying low-cost windows or hiring a low-cost installer can lead to greater expenses down the road. Even the best installer can’t make your windows perform better than their designed and built and even the best windows will fail if improperly installed. A poor installation can void your warranty and you may wind up paying more for repairs or reinstallation than you would have spent just buying quality products from a qualified professional in the first place.

Check References

Before signing on the dotted line, check at least three references from prior customers.

Consider Professionalism & Customer Service

Hire professionals who answer the phone quickly, address your questions accurately and in a timely manner, and who have professional business practices.

#2. Research the Windows You Wish to Buy

You’re going to need to make some choices when you’re deciding which windows to purchase. Windows come in different styles, including bay, bow, double hung, single hung, casement and sliding. You’re not bound install the type of window that already exists in your home, which means you’ll need to make a decision about what kind of window you really prefer.

It may help to go see some windows in the showroom where you’re thinking about making the purchase. Once you’ve decided on a window type, get a quote from the window dealer and installer of your choice. This will help you when you move onto step three: making a budget.

#3. Make a Replacement Window Budget

Once you’ve gotten a quote from your window dealer and installer, you’ll need to decide if you have enough money to pay for the windows outright, or if you need to get a loan. Some window dealers offer financing options, but these options may or may not not always have the best interest rates. For the best interest rates and repayment schedule possible, shop around.

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