Do I Need a Permit to Replace Windows?

Some people think window replacement projects have only minor requirements, especially if the sashes are the only components that need to be replaced. However, experts note that there may be instances when a permit will be required. In this post, we discuss when permits are needed for installing new windows.

Replace Windows

When Is a Permit Required?

You don’t need a permit if your window replacement project only involves the installation of a unit into an existing frame. Your contractor may recommend this type of window installation if the opening is in good condition and does not require any alterations.

That said, a permit is usually required if the wall structure has to be changed in order to accommodate the new window — for example, if there’s a need to expand the existing opening to fit a larger replacement window. You may also need to obtain a permit if you’re installing windows to comply with fire code or egress requirements.

Why Is It Necessary to Secure a Permit?

Safety is one of the biggest reasons why a building permit is required when replacing an entire window. For example, first-floor windows and windows near doors must always have tempered glass. This type of glass is a more robust material than regular glass and is necessary to help protect you from mishaps. 

Furthermore, by securing a permit, you can rest easy knowing your replacement windows meet the local building codes and regulations. If your new windows are noncompliant, an inspector will likely ask you to redo the entire installation.

Other Things to Remember

1. Local authorities enforce building codes to ensure the occupants of a residence or building are safe. For example, windows near doors, floors or tubs and showers should have safety glazing.

2. Replacement windows should be big enough to allow a family to escape and for firefighters and rescue personnel to enter in case of fire.

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