3 Ways Upgrading Your Windows Can Save You Money

Many homeowners put off replacing their windows. Unless there is a lot of damage, this task is often seen as a pointless endeavor because of the hassle that comes with selecting the best windows on the market. Plus, it is no secret that these products are not cheap at all. 

3 Ways Upgrading Your Windows Can Save You Money

However, it helps to think of a window upgrade as an investment, much like an energy-efficient air conditioner or a new roof. Here are three ways a window replacement can save you money in the long run.

1. Reduced Energy Bills

If your home is older and still has its original windows, chances are good that they leak a lot. A recent study found that approximately 40% of your energy bills are caused by leaky or drafty windows all around your home. You can expect a significant decrease in your energy expenditures if you switch to modern, energy-efficient windows. With these installed, you won’t have to worry about your AC having to work harder just to compensate for the loss of indoor comfort due to leaks and drafts.

2. Lower Maintenance Costs

Old, outdated windows often require a lot more attention and upkeep than new ones. You can end up spending hundreds of dollars on repairs for older windows without even realizing it. By purchasing replacement windows from a reliable provider like Renewal by Andersen®, you will save time and money on window maintenance.

3. Return on Investment

Replacing all of your home’s windows is one of the best ways to enhance its exterior. Not only will this make your home look better from the outside, but it will also give you a great return on your investment, especially if you are planning to list your property for sale in the future. New, energy-efficient windows are a great selling point and count as one of the important features home buyers look for in a residential property. Even if you don’t plan on putting your home on the market, the return on investment can be attained over time through reduced energy bills as discussed above.

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