4 Biggest Advantages of Natural Ventilation

Also called passive ventilation, natural ventilation is the process of supplying air to and removing air from an indoor space without using mechanical systems. It uses building openings such as windows, doors, vents and skylights instead to guide air into and through your home.  

4 Biggest Advantages of Natural Ventilation

How Does Natural Ventilation Work?

Natural ventilation works best if air has clear and unobstructed pathways through your home. You can maximize airflow by designing open plan areas or placing high vents or other openings between rooms. The appropriate ventilation options for your home will depend on the climate and microclimate you live in.

Benefits of Natural Ventilation

1. Reduced Costs. Since passive ventilation relies on natural forces to cool a living space or draw stale air out of it, it significantly cuts back on your home’s energy consumption and therefore increases your savings on energy costs.

2. Low Maintenance. Unlike mechanical systems such as whole-home dehumidifiers, windows and French doors do not require costly maintenance by a technician. They only need to be scrubbed and polished at least twice a year, depending on the climate and location, which can be done on your own, further reducing maintenance costs.

3. Cleaner Air. Natural ventilation ensures that cool, fresh air is flowing through your home while providing copious amounts of daylight at the same time. This can improve the quality of your indoor air and increase the productivity and efficiency of the residents.

4. Reduced Carbon Emissions. One of the biggest benefits of natural ventilation is reduced carbon footprint. Reducing your home’s carbon emissions means helping decrease air pollution and slowing down climate change.

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