What You Need to Know Before Converting a Window Into a Door

Did you know that converting your windows installation is easier than cutting a new door? By converting one of your existing windows into a door, you gain an easy and safe way to add an exterior door. To make sure your new patio door doesn’t become a problem in the future, Renewal by Andersen® of Long Island shares things you should not miss before converting your window into a patio door. 

Converting a Window Into a Door

Things to Consider Before Converting Your Window into a Door

1. Getting a Project Consultant

 A project consultant can help you brainstorm and determine whether or not you require a permit. There are important factors to consider on your window, including its structure, the materials used, the electrical wiring and your home’s foundation. If you merely plan to cut your wall from your window down, you may not require a permit. Permission is required if you need to remove the wall’s king studs or run into the electrical wiring.

2. Hiring a Contractor

Just like any other renovation project, hiring a contractor is a big help. Your trusted contractor can easily convert even your sliding windows into a patio door. You don’t have to worry too much with reliable specialists handling your home. Before starting, they will notify you of how exactly they are going to convert your window into a door.

3. Hiring an Electrician

An electrician must re-route any wiring below the window to ensure that it is safe. Even if a window indicates that a wall is not load-bearing, this does not necessarily imply that it can be cut through completely. The majority of residential walls are laced with wires that serve outlets and light fixtures. Pipes for home plumbing can be found in some of the walls. The scanning of a wall and identification of these elements are critical steps before cutting into the siding and through the drywall.

What Happens When You Have a Window Opening Converted Into a Patio Door?

If you decide to convert one of your replacement windows into a patio door, it’s important to understand the process of demolition and renovation that it entails. Opening up your window means breaking down a part of your siding. By altering your siding, you should make sure to mend it in the best way to prevent leaks. Make sure the door’s dimensions are the same as the trim dimensions. 

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