Can I Replace My Sliding Patio Door With a French Door?

Replacing your sliding patio door is a great way to enhance the look of your home. It also ensures better security and protection for your interior. Oftentimes, homeowners simply replace their old sliding patio doors with new sliding doors — a sensible choice that can make the replacement process simpler.

 Replace My Sliding Patio Door

But if you’re looking to create a more significant impact on your home, opting for a French door would be a good change. Continue reading to learn more about the things that you need to consider when switching from a sliding patio door to a French door.

Advantages of French Doors

While sliding patio doors offer several benefits like ease of operation and a larger, unobstructed view, French doors can provide a different sense of style and add more elegance to your home.

 French doors can have either a sliding-door or swinging-door operating style. So if you want to keep the easy sliding operation of sliding doors while having the aesthetic of French doors, that’s definitely possible.

But if you prefer to have your French door swinging inward or outward, remember that hinged doors require additional space in order to fully open. That said, consider the location of the existing sliding door that needs replacement. When you install a swinging French door in that area, make sure the door panels won’t hit a wall or a piece of furniture when the door opens.

Patio Door Options

When shopping for a French door to replace your old sliding door, there are several ways you can customize its design to ensure the door matches your interior and exterior. From materials and colors to door handles and grids, you can make your French door your own.

  • Materials

Vinyl and fiberglass are popular choices for French in-swing or out-swing doors and French sliding doors. Both of these materials come with certain advantages. And while vinyl and fiberglass French doors can offer enough to meet your requirements, you might want to look into the French doors from Andersen.

Using the exclusive Permashield® material, Andersen French doors boast of excellent resistance to cracking, rot and corrosion. They have also undergone a unique fabrication process in which the color of the French doors are blended with the Permashield material to ensure long-lasting beauty.

  • Upgrades

There are several upgrades that you can incorporate into your new French door. For example, you can opt for premium styles and colors to elevate your French door’s appearance. And if you’re aiming to create a traditional look, you can add grids to your French door. You might want to consider installing sidelites too, especially if you want to improve lighting and ventilation.

If you’re seeking to improve the energy efficiency of your patio door, Renewal by Andersen of Knoxville can help you with that as well. With our team’s knowledge on the local climate, we can offer appropriate and personalized recommendations that meet your specific requirements. We understand that patio doors are also crucial to your home’s indoor comfort, so our experts will ensure the proper installation and optimal performance of your new door.

Hire a Qualified Contractor

Finding the right contractor is crucial to the success of your patio door replacement project. Make sure you’re hiring installers who have experience in replacing sliding patio doors with French doors. Since they have done it in the past, they can offer sufficient advice on what to look out for in this kind of switch. You can also rest assured that they won’t make serious mistakes during the installation process.

Once you have found a reliable and competent contractor, make sure to communicate your patio door requirements and preferences to them. This will also help minimize errors and guide your contractor in delivering results to your satisfaction.

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