Avoid These Common Mistakes When Getting Window Grilles

As a homeowner, you might recognize window grilles as the decorative bars that are placed in between the panes of your window. The grilles give windows a visual appearance that makes them more unique or match with each other. And with different colors, styles and sizes to choose from, it can be easy to make a few mistakes along the way when choosing one for your home. 

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Getting Window Grilles

DIY Repairs/Installation

If you’re planning to buy the grilles to repair or install them yourself, this is easier said than done. Installing a grille requires the right equipment and expertise, and even overlooking one small mistake can become a major problem down the road. To ensure a smooth installation process, be sure to work with a trusted contractor!

Choosing the Wrong Type

Different types of grilles are available in different designs, and they’re made for mounting in specific types of materials. For instance, some are made for concrete walls and brick walls. When looking for a suitable grille for your window, make sure to get one that’s designed for your home’s exterior. Choosing the wrong type of grille will only lead to costly repairs.

Using the Wrong Thickness

Window grilles are meant to protect your home from any intruder planning for a break-in. Naturally, you want your grilles to be thick enough to deter this, but it’s important to get the right thickness depending on the size of your windows. Using thick grilles in smaller windows can obstruct the view while using thinner ones on larger windows will make it easier for intruders to break into your home.

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