4 Reasons to Install Multi-Pane Windows

There are numerous factors you have to consider when investing in replacement windows, one of which involves the number of panes to choose. Nowadays, multi-pane windows are favored over their single-pane counterparts because of their energy-efficient capabilities. 

4 Reasons to Install Multi-Pane Windows

What You Need to Know About Window Glass

Window glass conducts heat, allowing for thermal transfer. This is when indoor heating leaks out during the colder months and outdoor heat enters your home during the hotter months. If your windows have only one glass pane, your indoor living spaces experience inconsistent comfort in the form of “hot” and “cold” spots. Single-pane windows also contribute to an increase in energy consumption, which translates into a significant spike in monthly utility costs.

Advantages of Installing Multi-Pane Windows

Multi-pane windows, meanwhile, are a different story. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • They offer better insulation. Double- and triple-paned window systems greatly exceed their single-pane counterparts in terms of insulation. The gaps created by the glass panes are filled with a colorless and odorless inert gas like argon to slow down the rate of thermal transfer, ensuring consistent indoor comfort.
  • Increased energy savings. Apart from the gas fills in between the glass panes, multi-pane windows also feature a low-emissivity (Low-E) coating that shields your house from ultraviolet (UV) radiation while letting enough natural light into the room. Your furniture and other fixtures are protected from sun damage as a result. The heat coming from the sun is minimized as well, allowing for increased energy savings.
  • Improved security and noise reduction. The ability of multi-pane windows to reduce noise is another advantage. This means that windows with at least two glass panes can help block out noise coming from the outside, so you can enjoy peace and quiet inside. In addition to keeping out noise, these windows are safer because they won’t break or crack easily.
  • Low environmental impact. Multi-pane windows allow your HVAC system to use less energy because of their energy-efficient attributes. Furthermore, multi-pane windows may also be made of recycled components – the Fibrex® frames from Renewal by Andersen®, for instance, are composed of reclaimed wood fibers and polymers.

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