4 Tips for Wallpapering Around Windows in Your Michigan Home

Wallpaper is coming back into fashion – especially wallpaper that features subtle patterns or unique textures. Applying wallpaper to your walls is one remodeling project that sounds pretty easy, but can actually present a number of challenges. One such challenge is wallpapering around windows. Achieving a clean line around each window takes patience and attention to detail. Use these tips for better results when wallpapering around windows in your Michigan home.

1) Plan your wallpaper hanging scheme around your windows

It’s easier to hang wallpaper over a new window if one single section of wallpaper extends over the entire window. So, before you start wallpapering, measure out your room to ensure you know where each strip will start and end. Measure for the strip that will go over the window first, and then work your way to the right and left from that starting point. You may need to cut the strips of wallpaper that go closest to the edge of the walls, but this is easier than having to cut a strip that goes over the window.

2) Apply wallpaper over the window first

Do not try to trim the wallpaper and then apply it to the window area. Instead, hang the strip of wallpaper just as though the window were not in the way. Seal it down all of the way to the window, making sure you smooth out as many air bubbles as possible. Then, once the wallpaper is lined up properly and sticking to the wall, move on to trimming the wallpaper.

3) Make diagonal cuts before trimming around the window

Rather than trying to trim the wallpaper in a straight line across the top and sides of the window frame, start by making diagonal cuts. Pierce the center of the wallpaper where it stretches over your window, and then make one cut up from the bottom towards the right, upper corner of the window. Make a second one up from the bottom towards the left, upper corner of the window. Then, cut down from the pierce point towards each of the bottom window corners. Continue the cuts just far enough that you’re able to then press the wallpaper in along the top, bottom, and sides of the window frame. Press the wallpaper tightly to the frame.

4) Use a utility knife and putty knife to trim around the window

Use a putty knife as a guide. Press it tightly into the groove between the window frame and the wall, and then cut straight along the putty knife’s blade using your utility knife. Move the putty knife down a little, and make another cut. Continue until you have fully cut all of the way around the window. Then, smooth the paper in the corners.

Follow the tips above when wallpapering over each window in your Michigan home. You’ll get cleaner cuts along window frames, and you won’t have to worry about sealing wallpaper seams near the window, either.

If you’re about to embark on a remodeling project, take a look at your windows. If the sashes are beginning to deteriorate, your windows are hard to open and close, or air has been leaking in, it might be time to replace the windows in your Michigan home. It’s best to do this before you apply new wallpaper, so contact Renewal by Andersen today to learn more about our window replacement options.

*Some damages to windows and frames may not be covered with warranty*

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