4 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Window Replacement Job

Replacing your Nashville home’s windows is a home improvement project that offers many benefits, but it can also be disruptive. It’s understandable then to want to make sure the job goes as smoothly as possible, ensuring it is completed as scheduled. You can count on your window contractor to take care of everything during the installation process, but there are also things you can do before work begins that will help facilitate it. 

Here are four different ways you can prepare your home for a window replacement project:

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1. Remove Window Treatments and Decorations  When you’re having your windows replaced, one of the first things you should do is remove the window treatments, such as the curtains, sheers and blinds. Apart from that, you should also remove the wall decorations around the room so they don’t get dirty or damaged. If this seems like too much work, on the other hand, you can always ask your contractor if removing the treatments and decorations is necessary. Pros can provide you with right solution for your particular situation.

2. Put Your Furniture in a Temporary Storage Space  It’s always best that you first remove the furniture in the room before you start replacing your windows. By doing so, you can make it easier for your window installers to get around and prevent your furniture from sustaining any damage at the same time – and eliminate the need to clean them after the replacement is done.

Alternatively, you’re also more than free to temporarily keep your furniture in a spare room or a shed. However, if you’re having trouble finding an adequate storage space around your home, you can always consider renting a portable storage solution, which is not only affordable, but can also be delivered directly to your home.

3. Clear the Way  Another way you can make it easier for your window installers to get around your is by clearing the way as much as you can. The best way you can do this is by removing the furniture, rugs, plants and other items located near the work area so your contractors won’t be impeded as they do their job. 

Apart from your indoor items, meanwhile, it’s also best that you remove any decorations located in your home’s exterior, such as sculptures, wreaths and even canvas arts. This is because your window contractor may need to use equipment like ladders, scaffolding or lift mechanisms to access your upstairs windows for replacement, especially if your home has more than two stories.

4. Decide What Should Be Covered  Window replacement projects are messy home improvement tasks due to the amount of dust they generate, especially if your windows have been in place for several years, and you aren’t as proactive in its cleaning as you should be. As such, it’s highly recommended that drop cloths be put down to minimize the mess. If you don’t see any drop cloths, on the other hand, you’re more than free to ask your contractor about them. Alternatively, you can also consider putting down drop cloths to protect your floors, furniture and fixtures in the room where the windows will be replaced. This applies to the exterior as well as you can cover up your flower beds, plants and other items to minimize the cleanup as much as possible.

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