How to Match Your Windows and Doors to Your Home Style

When homeowners install new casement or sliding windows in their Oak Ridge homes, one question that often plagues them is should their windows match their patio door? According to experts, while you’re more than free to do this, it’s not actually necessary. In fact, matching your windows and patio doors shouldn’t be your focus; instead, your focus should be on trying to match your doors and windows to your home’s style. But how?

Here’s how you can match your windows and doors to your home’s architectural style.

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Traditional is an umbrella term for several home styles that feature simple and classic architectural designs, such as the Colonial, Cape Cod and Georgian homes. When it comes to this home style, almost any kind of door style will do. In terms of windows, on the other hand, traditional homes usually favor front facing gables and symmetrically placed windows such as double-hung, bay windows, transom windows and windows with a traditional pattern grille.


The Craftsman style home was developed during the Arts and Crafts movement of the early 1900s and surprisingly enough, it’s still a familiar architectural style today. Often, these homes are characterized by low-pitched roofs, porches with thick columns and exposed beams in the home’s interior and exterior. 

According to experts, most window styles would suit this home but if you want a little flair, you can install custom windows with stained glass while still keeping with the home’s design. As for the entry doors, solid wood doors with a decorative glass window up top would suit this home style. However, keep in mind that wood can be costly and high-maintenance, so don’t hesitate to consider a solid-core wood-veneer door instead of plain wood. That way, you can avoid warp and rot for your door.


On the other hand, if you’re looking for a modern home in the Oak Ridge area, then the contemporary home style is the best for you. When trying to match this home style’s windows and doors, experts recommend that you choose doors that are sleek and chic, such as steel entry doors. If you’re worried about steel doors making your home look cold and sterile, you can always choose one that has a warm, wood finish in its design.

As for the windows, since the contemporary home style is often bathed in sunlight, it frequently takes advantage of skylights. However, fixed, sliding and casement windows work well with the home style as well. This is because fixed windows, while inoperable, provide great focal points with unencumbered views; sliding windows have one sash that moves horizontally; and casement windows provide a clear view of the outdoors.


Mediterranean homes are home styles that were inspired by the coastal villas found in Spain, France and Italy and are usually characterized by their red terra cotta roofs, stucco exterior, arched windows and doorways and balconies. According to experts, since this home style is all about making a grand entrance, window choices often include window walls, arched windows and wrought-iron and wooden window grilles. Double doors with arched windows, wood or wrought-iron grilles, meanwhile, are the common door choices to give it an old world elegance.

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Finally, if you live in a Victorian home, you can expect the windows to be typically ornate, expansive and varied. This means that the good window options that you can consider include double-hung, transom, arched, bay or bowed, fixed and specialty windows. As for the doors, on the other hand, professionals say that fiberglass doors with decorative embellishments are one of the best doors you can consider.

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