5 Advantages of High-Performance Insect Screens

Every operable replacement window sold by Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro comes with a standard insect screen. Even people who only open their windows a few times a year to air out the house need window screens. An open window without a protective insect screen, is an invitation for critters, bugs and other irritants to enter a home unchecked.

Of course, you don’t need screens on picture windows, and those that don’t open. Some people even remove their screens in winter or when they aren’t planning to open their windows. But, not everyone has ample room to store 10-20 screens out of the way and protected when not in use. Choosing a higher quality screen may be a better solution.

Here are five reasons why those who like to open their windows, at least occasionally, may benefit from upgrading from standard screens to high-performance TruScene insect screens.

#1. Window Appearance

Are you one of those people who prefer to skip insect screens because you don’t like the “darkened interruption” that detracts from a home’s overall aesthetic? Some less expensive insect screens can really impact the way a home looks from the curb. There is a solution though. Screens are available with a micro-fine fabric, with the proper pigmentation and weave pattern to eliminate this problem while keeping out the smallest of insects.

When updating a historic home, especially one designated as a national historic site, check the local historical society or zoning office to find out if there are regulations about insect screen use before making a decision.

#2. Your Comfort

You may live in an area that doesn’t typically have a lot of flies, but we still have numerous flying bugs – mosquitos, wasps, bees, no-see-ums – that will find their way indoors when you open a window without a screen to enjoy a gentle spring, summer or fall breeze.

#3. Indoor Air Quality

High-quality screens also block some pollen, dust and airborne debris that contribute to allergy problems and asthma attacks. You may find you spend less time cleaning window sills, base-boards, furniture surfaces and floors of pollen and dust, too.

#4. The View

Upgrading from standard insect screens to premium screens (such as TruScene insect screens) means you will have a crystal clear view through the replacement window glass. Light transfer control is managed through your window glass choices and the screen provides protection from airborne particulates and insects, without affecting natural light flow.

#5. Time Saving

Some people choose not to use traditional window screens at all because they don’t like to deal with dead bugs between the screen and the window pane. Screens with larger holes allow flying bugs attracted by indoor light shining through at night to trap some insects. Dead bugs, spider webs and dirt piling up in the corners definitely create more work for you when it comes to window cleaning chores. Preventing those irritants in the first place by installing premium insect screens will save you time, and frustration, in the long-run.

Discover Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro’s TruScene Advantages

Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey and New York Metro offers free standard insect screens with every operable window because we want homeowners to have the option of opening their windows without creating hassles or health issues. We offer optional TruScene screens for those who enjoy opening their windows from time to time and don’t want to expose themselves to outdoor irritants.

Learn more about Renewal by Andersen of New Jersey & New York Metro replacement windows and the beauty, convenience and benefits of TruScene screens. Schedule a private, in-home consultation today. Fill in the short form on this page or dial 1-888-826-2452.

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