The Pros and Cons of Window Treatments on Long Island

The Pros and Cons of Window Treatments on Long Island  Almost everyone on Long Island can agree that curtains and other window dressings are an essential part of any interior décor. Window coverings can make a room feel cozy and welcoming or more elegant and formal. There are myriad choices to complement every decorating preference, budget and window style.

As with other replacement window choices, there are pros and cons to adding window treatments, here are a few.

Pros of Adding Window Treatments

The choice to add drapes, blinds, shutters, curtains or one of the other types of window dressings is a personal affair, but there are some definite pros of covering those windows.

Window treatments:

  • Define the tone and mood of your space
  • Are a cost-effective way to enhance the beauty of your home without making permanent changes
  • Offer a decorative touch that doesn’t take up any floor space or interfere with traffic patterns
  • Provide a way to block sunlight and noise transfer through the window
  • Maximize privacy
  • Help control temperature
  • Come in almost limitless colors, textures, fabrics, shapes and sizes to meet your needs

TIP: People who want more privacy in the bathroom without hanging curtains can always choose a patterned glass that obscures the view without blocking all natural light.

Cons of Adding Window Dressings

While the flexibility to define your spaces with elegant draperies or whimsical curtains is a plus, there are some disadvantages of covering up your new replacement windows.

For example, curtains, drapes and blinds in the kitchen can attract grease and odors from cooking activities, and may be hard to clean. Wise choices can reduce the hassle, but it is always a good idea to consider this before adding any window treatments in the kitchen.

Bathrooms also present a challenge, as the high humidity levels may mean curtains and cloth window treatments develop mold, mildew and stains.

Some people prefer to leave windows unadorned because they want an uninterrupted view of the outside world, or they want the seamless connection of indoor and outdoor spaces.

Another concern for people with small children and/or pets, is finding a window treatment that complements their interior design and doesn’t present any safety hazards to their “little ones.”

Balancing Pros & Cons

Each window treatment type from shutters and blinds to shades and curtains, comes with its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Deciding whether to cover your new replacement windows or leave them au naturale is a personal choice, and one that requires some thoughtful consideration.

Whatever you decide, Renewal by Andersen of Long Island is here to help make sure your replacement windows perfectly complement your lifestyle, decorating preferences and home architecture.

Renewal by Andersen of Long Island offers seven distinct window styles – double-hung, casement, awning, slider, fixed, specialty shapes and bay or bow configurations – along with a wide selection of optional accessories to customize your new fixtures.

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