5 Questions to Ask During a Replacement Window Consultation

If you want to improve your home, you should consider getting new windows. But before you take on this significant investment, you must first meet with a professional contractor who specializes in window replacement. You need to talk to them about what you want from your new windows. During your initial consultation, make sure you ask these important questions:

Replacement Window Consultation

1. How Do Your Windows Operate? 

When you have a window consultation, one of the questions you should ask is how the windows work. This is because windows are a big part of how safe, private and well-ventilated your home will be, so you’ll want to know how well they work.

2. Are There Any Hidden Fees? 

A home improvement project like window replacement can already cost a lot, and if there are any hidden fees, the price will go up even more. Keeping this in mind, make it a point to ask if the project has any hidden costs. Remember that as a homeowner, you should know all the fees and what services will be covered. This way, you’ll know exactly where your money is going.

3. What Are Your Payment Terms?

Before your replacement windows are installed, be sure to ask your contractor about payment terms. Ask if you must pay in full upfront or after the project is finished, or if you may pay a down payment and the balance later. Knowing your contractor’s payment terms might help prevent headaches and reduce stress throughout your window replacement project.

4. Will the Windows Comply With Current Building Codes? 

Every improvement to your property, such as roof replacement or window installation, must conform to building rules. Bedroom windows need to be a certain size to enable emergency egress. Your replacement window contractor should know current building codes and enforce compliance before and during installation. This is a vital need, especially for older homes, as compliance may be out of date.

5. Do You Have Examples of Past Jobs?

Ask for references during the consultation. You’ll know whether the company is as good as it says. A reputable contractor should have references and examples of previous work. If installers refuse to show you samples of past work, it’s best to move on to another contractor to handle the job as this may indicate they aren’t as trustworthy as they claim to be.

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